Logo Design Contest


by transferwise

Contest received 170 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Winning entry by Makaveli Designs

Congratulations to winner Makaveli Designs ! They were awarded the contest prize of $320.00


transferwise Contest Holder
Thanks so much to everyone who has submitted their creative work! We have greatly enjoyed the process and hope we are nearing a good solution. Some comments to everybody: 1) We do not want $, € or £ signs in the logo or directly resemble money. 2) Please have a think about how the logo colourscheme would work on the site design that was attached to the contest. 3) We prefer simple and elegant designs. 4) We like where you have attempted to use people or easily identifyable objects (men, hands, student hats) instead of just arrows. 5) Is there a logo which describes how two people would be exchanging something? 6) Is there anything that would connect with the word wise? Like wise man with beard, scholar, nerdy glasses, etc? 7) We generally prefer when there is a separate illustration to the text, instead of a play with letters inside the text. Hope you can put through some last revisions and prospective winners, to make us easier to choose the new owner of the grand prix! Great work so far!