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Rafiki Ventures, Inc

by tadhaley

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Rafiki Ventures, Inc

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Rafiki is a Swahili word for friend or comrade. You might remember the character Rafiki as the long tailed mandrill monkey in the Disney classic "The Lion King". His main role was to be the loyal friend and adviser to the lion, Mufasa, and his new cub and future king, Simba. Rafiki has a great sense of the world around him, specifically to identify leaders and to establish order in the African plains.

At Rafiki Ventures, we strive to live up to that old monkey's ideals. We are diligent in identifying new leaders in the technology space, guiding them with sound advice, and helping them to navigate their companies through their ascending stages of growth. But the core of our mission is to be a loyal friend to all of our entrepreneur partners, providing them the ultimate level of service, expertise and leverage for their companies.

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natural colors