Omri Investments - -a Logo Design Contest by mouhadeb

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Omri Investments -

Slogan or Tagline

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

The company will be a real estate investment firm. It will focus on multifamily real estate in secondary markets such as Nashville, Portland, Kansas City. Target market will be anyone from investors to tenants looking to rent.

Reasons for the name:
1) Enta Omri (mother's favorite song)--family is important--and you treat your investors like family--touching to name after song loved by your mom--a song that means "you are my life"--something greatly valued, treasured

2) Plays to Arabic Jewish heritage

3) OM from Sanskrit, untranslatable syllable often associated with peace and meditation

4) Sounds like "home"

5) Has the "m" of our name (first and last)

6) Omri was King in Northern Israel --built the House of Omri

7) Modern look and feel--could have great logo with O

8) "O" suggests wholeness and completion

The design should have the following

no ideas...

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)

Briefly describe your contest

Honest, transparent, Smart, Life/Family