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Fanelli Pathways

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helping leaders & organizations find their way

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I provide management consulting services to small to medium-sized businesses, in diverse sectors. I will also provide those services to the non-profit sector, with a bias towards helping leaders in education. My core services will be designing and delivering learning experiences and programs that help people become better leaders and managers; helping management teams operate more effectively; and guiding leaders as they build positive cultures in their organizations.

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I've tested possible names of my company with many friends and colleagues, and I received very positive feedback from this name. Fanelli is my surname. I am a 3rd generation Italian American, and I am proud of my heritage. Many years ago, back in college, many of my friends, especially the women, would call me by my last name. When I asked them why?, they said, "We like the way it sounds." So that'd good enough for me. "Pathways' comes from an idea I've had for many years. I metaphorically walk side-by-side with my client, on their journey, helping then clarify their purpose, vision, and navigate challenges, so ultimately they are equipped to continue on without me. I won't sell them my intellectual property or a leadership model. Rather I will help them build their own leadership language and capability. I will do this in a way that honors their own history, identity, and future. (This is in contrast with many management consultants who wish to foist a model on their client so that they can sell them intellectual property as well. This is NOT me!) Metaphors that come to mind are 'guide', 'shepherd', and 'catalyst'. "Pathways' also suggests that improving leadership and organizations is a process, and quick fixes do not work.

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