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Curtistis Thompson, MD & Associates

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**We have set the prize at $300 because we need high quality original work, please don't use work you've submitted for another contest or work you've found from another designer** * Stick with basic layout of current logo - rectangle shape wit

The design should have the following

Our current logo can be seen here - http://dermpathspecialists.com/LogoSloganName.jpg We need to stay with a similar rectangle layout so our current clients will not be confused by the logo change, but have fun with it. We need a new color scheme as the current red, blue and green looks horrible, I'm sure you'll agree. We also need a vector-based logo as the current pixel-based logo is limited to the resolution it was created at. Basically, we need a new logo that conveys we are serious about providing the best quality service to our clients.

This logo will be used for

This design should not have this in the entries

Our target audience is Dermatologists and their office staff.

Colors to use in the design

current logo http://dermpathspecialists.com/LogoSloganName.jpg

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CTA Lab Logo redesign $300 Guaranteed