Logo Design Contest


by cockyandloadedclothing

cockyandloadedclothing is looking for a new Logo Design, and they're offering $200.00 for the best entry.


adrien de mar Creative
i am a clothing designer and would love to do this for you but i dont know how to do vector lol if you wanna see some of my worcc for my clothing oompany and see what im about go to my myspace www.myspace.com/studio18clothing you might like it... im only 20 so i am a young designer too lol
Digiti Minimi Creative
CH, we need more specific details of what kind of design and style will work for your company.
cockyandloadedclothing Contest Holder
Ok not to crazy about icon with Co name next to it. How about a Fun friendly illustration that expresses wealth and confidence with co name on top or bottom or around it. Still open to other ideas
mbrown22 Creative
Contest Holder, you need to me a little more specific when you make a contest based on what you said we could make logos that have nothing to do with your company basically wasting our time and yours, Thanks.
Linda Creative
Hi there, do you have a website where we could see some of your clothing. This might give us some direction and inspiration for your label/logo. Thanks