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Biggest Little Initiative

by kmuch

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Winning entry by quimcey

Company or website name

Biggest Little Initiative

Describe your company and organization and target audience

A non profit that facilitates small acts of kindness for big social change. We operate in schools, offices, neighborhoods, etc. - within those groups people are asked to donate a single $1 to a cause and to help recruit two more people to donate $1. Collectively we create large impacts .

The design should have the following

This is going to be an average sized emblem for the charity. If you go to most charities websites (susan g komen, wounded warriors, humane society, etc) you will see in the upper corner of their website they have a logo accompanied with their name. This is what I am looking for.

LAYOUT: I would like the illustrated part to be the main attraction of the logo with "Biggest Little Initiative" being a small lesser part of the logo.

CONCEPT: I would like the logo to somehow depict the idea of small acts done by average people equating to great acts that were before thought only possible if you're rich or powerful. I was thinking maybe a large powerful looking person made of many regular sized people picking up a smaller person. Simplistic is most likely the avenue so something like bathroom sign people (excuse my lack of knowledge I guess those are stick figures?) Another idea I had was a powerful person holding the earth on his shoulders (aka the greek god Atlas) but the powerful person is made of many small people. Last possible idea that people have thrown to me are ants because how they can carry a log working together even though they are small. I'm not really a huge fan of the ant route but it certainly has the message I am looking for.

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)

This design should not have this in the entries

No initials please. Just the words and the concept art.

Colors to use in the design

Don't know much about colors I know blue makes people want to give money, or so I've been told. Essentially just want it to be a warm positive uplifting website that exudes professionalism and all those things should start from the logo.

Briefly describe your contest

Concept art logo for nonprofit that show power of collective action