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BCS Pure Water

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(we are upgrading our website, but you will get the idea at www.bcsPureWater.com )
Water For Your Business, Home and Restaurants
Choosing a water delivery service for your business can be simple, but don’t be fooled by the status quo. Water delivery services haven’t changed in years, but that doesn’t reduce your cost or improve you water – we do!
Our RO (reverse osmosis) and other filters take everything out and we add back in electrolytes and minerals.

Offering full service unlimited purified water systems in Bryan & College Station

(eventually we will be selling ice machines and maybe coffee, but pure clean water is the focus)

Our biggest competitor uses bottled water......here is a list of arguments against bottled water:
Why our unlimited water system is better than bottled water :
Risk of injury
Slime in water dispenser
Plastic leaching from bottles
Store 5 gallon water bottles is unsightly and takes up space
Have to be present during delivery or carry inside yourself
Way more expensive if you want to cook with it too
Not filtered for nitrates
No electrolytes add back in
No minerals added back in
Contamination outside dispenser falling inside unit
Pharmaceuticals are not filtered out
Possible acid based water below 7ph
Fluctuating bills based off of usage

I mean, you wouldn't eat food after it goes through your nasty water pipes....why would you drink water from them? Utility water is just that, for utilities.....drinking water is your source of health!

"The problem is that chlorine and other chemicals that public utilities add to drinking water to kill microorganisms can react with other material – such as sewage and manure – to create hundreds of toxic byproducts, many of which aren’t regulated at all.“ – The Environmental Working Group

Unlimited Pure Water Supply with instant hot and cold for our point of use systems!

Oh, and this city is the home of the Texas A&M aggies so they are huge in networking if that helps.

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Amazing detail!

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Colors to use in the design

it's pure water....make it crisp

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Pure Water