www.consultnbs.com -a Graphic Design Contest by michaelniman

Creative Brief

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Company or website name


Describe your company and organization and target audience

Nonprofit Business Solutions manages online stores for nonprofits. We have started a new service where we can now direct source products being sold by nonprofits to help them maximize revenue to fund their mission. We are able to source high quality, sustainable products, for a lower cost than most merchandisers because they take such huge markups. Our target audience initially are nonprofits that want to acquire and sell merchandise (shirts, hats, mugs, etc.). However, we want to expand to include all organizations interested in selling merchandise. We have named the new business Greater Goods.

The design should have the following

The current Nonprofit Business Solutions logo on www.consultnbs.com was a hatchwise contest winner. We like clean and simple. The logo should have the name Greater Goods. Our clients care about sustainable products, ethical sourcing, and quality. We are not a standard "promotional goods" company which will source all sorts of cheap crap with a core focus on low price What sets us apart from is that we curate products that meet specific client needs and wants to best represent their brand and donor expectations. For example, we don't just source a mug. We are thoughtful and intentional when looking for mugs to ensure they match the client's core values and identity including how and where it's made and what it's made from.

Briefly describe your contest

Greater Goods - New Business Needs New Logo - thoughtful merchandising of products for nonprofits to sell.