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TrashCots Proof of Concept

by TrashCots

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TrashCots Proof of Concept

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a new start NFT company looking to find a good designer to work with us on a large project. We are testing the waters with Hatchwise to find a quality designer that can help us with the remainder of the project by starting a sampling of our desired end goal.

The design should have the following

We’re looking to have parody mascot characters (making the parody graphic in a very unique and creative way…ie…like a half normal half other style…etc) made that are based on professional sports team mascots. For each we would like to have 3 variations possible (hat, mouth, shirt/jersey). 1. Head ware - One with a ripped headband or hat, one with a sweaty headband or hat, and one with hat that’s says “champ” 2. Mouth - One with bloody and fat lip like they’ve been in a fight, One with an angry pursed lip, and one with a huge smile showing teeth like after a win 3. Shirt - One with a ripped shirt with stains and dirt or blood with a blank for a number (I’d like to put specific years for the years the sports teams were the worst here (last two digits of a year for the jersey number), one with a sweaty shirt, and one with a shirt that says champion All numbers for the shirts would need a space to show a specific number to represent the last two digits of the year.

Briefly describe your contest

This contest is intended to find a designer that we like that understands the concept and the vision and can produce a quality product within a reasonable amount of time. Intent is to extend this concept to additional projects that create parody character mascots of all the remaining major sports team mascots.