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Hey everyone! Do you know that sometimes simple is the best?

Look at this eye-catching logo design that was the contest winner for an online jewelry boutique! Fantastic job, shabrinart2!

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Peter Good, Designer of The Hartford Whalers’ Logo, Has Passed Away

Connecticut-based graphic designer and illustrator Peter Good has passed away at the age of eighty. Good, who designed the iconic Hartford Whaler logo, had a career spanning over fifty years, during which he and his wife Janet created numerous unique and iconic logos for corporations, nonprofits, and institutions.

Good had been in hospice care for two weeks after the removal of a brain tumor before his passing. His family announced his death on Facebook on May 2nd, 2022, which Connecticut Public later confirmed. Good’s son, Justin, shared on Facebook that his father passed away with grace and humor, leaving behind a legacy of anecdotes that could fill a book.

Connecticut is home to a number of graphic design works by Good, which can be seen in various locations throughout the state. Notable examples include the Mark Twain House and Museum, and The Kate in Old Saybrook. These locations serve as a testament to Good’s skill and influence in the field of graphic design.

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Featured Design Contest: WhiteWater Consulting

A brochure can be a challenging piece of marketing collateral to design. It has to present a lot of information about a topic – a business, a service, or a tourism site, for example – in a small amount of space. What’s more, it has to present that information in a manner that engages the reader and leaves them wanting to take the next step. At Hatchwise, we know how crucial it is to ensure your brochure’s copy, imagery, and every other aspect are just right. 

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Featured Design Contest: Clinique Dentaire Dr. Pierre-Paul Bouchard

A logo is a crucial aspect of a company’s identity and serves as the face of the business on all marketing material. Therefore, it’s essential for companies to choose a logo that meets all their requirements and accurately represents their brand. At Hatchwise, we understand the importance of creating the perfect logo for our clients, which is why they trust us with this task.

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Where to Post Your Startup Online: The 100 Best Startup Directories & Startup Listing Websites

You have turned your great idea into a startup business and developed a website for it. Will traffic start flowing to the website by itself? I hate to break it to you, but getting early adopters takes more than that. 

You’ll want to do some initial promotion or get some visibility online to get the traffic you need. And this is where the Startup Directories and Review Sites for startup businesses come in. These websites allow you to post your product/startup website and get feedback, press coverage, and early adopters.

But if you haven’t heard of these directories, don’t fret. This post presents you with the 100 best startup directories and review sites to submit your startup business. 

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