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Where to Post Your Startup Online: The 100 Best Startup Directories & Startup Listing Websites

You have turned your great idea into a startup business and developed a website for it. Will traffic start flowing to the website by itself? I hate to break it to you, but getting early adopters takes more than that. 

You’ll want to do some initial promotion or get some visibility online to get the traffic you need. And this is where the Startup Directories and Review Sites for startup businesses come in. These websites allow you to post your product/startup website and get feedback, press coverage, and early adopters.

But if you haven’t heard of these directories, don’t fret. This post presents you with the 100 best startup directories and review sites to submit your startup business. 

Let’s get started!

Why should you submit your startup business to directories?

If you want traffic and qualified leads knocking on your business’ door, submitting your business to directories and review sites should be a no-brainer. These sites increase your visibility on the web and provide you with relevant feedback regarding your business and website. 

So, consider submitting your business to directories and review sites, preferably the ones listed below. It may be your most vital strategy to promote your business and gain early user adoption. 

Customer review website and directories tips

We live in the digital world where your online presence is key to your business’s success. That’s why it’s imperative to list your startup business with an online directory or review website. 

But as you choose a directory, a promotional website, or a review site to list your business on, you need to be keen to pick one that will work for you.

Here are several tips to help you choose the correct directories and review sites for your startup business:

Relevant placement

There are thousands of directories and review sites online. And although this may sound like a benefit, it’s mostly a challenge. Most directories are irrelevant and will not help you get traffic or leads. Thus, it’s best to select relevant directories to list your startup business.

Good and bad directories 

When searching for directories to post your startup, avoid those with negative PPC links. Websites should have more content than links. Watch out for the websites with few bad links but a significant number of spams!

Make sure CTAs are in place

Let your fans take action by providing them with the relevant information and links on your website. For instance, you have to provide them with detailed information about your commodity and offer its benefits. Then provide a link or button for them to take the desired action.

For instance, if you sell laptops, provide your customers with the benefits of purchasing from you and include a button to buy the product. 

Many Ads

Avoid directories or review sites with more ads than content if possible. The directory will have more customers knocking on your door if it has more quality content than adverts. 

Ask for reviews

Ask your customers to leave feedback after carrying a transaction with your business. Ensure you do it nicely and humbly, as most customers will see it as a waste of their time.

Poorly written content

Always avoid websites with poorly written content. 

In most cases, these websites use software to modify content to make it look original. And if this is the case, Google crawlers will rank them lowly, reducing their chances of appearing on the search engine results. Consequently, this will affect your online visibility.

Claim listings

It’s always a good idea to claim or add a business profile or listing on the review site. You may also correct the listing information to match your business and its product offerings. 

Customers will most likely leave reviews on review sites

If you want to get active feedback about your business, look for the widely used business review sites and list your business there. Then, you may request your customers to leave their feedback there.

Directories and review sites to submit your startup business

Here comes the best part of this post: the 100 best directories and review sites to submit your startup business. We chose them based on their domain authority and how customers rank them.

SITEDomain AuthorityCategory
Product Hunt89Promotion and directory
Reddit91Promotion forum
Designer News60Promotion 
Indie Hackers55Directory 
Facebook96Review site
Yelp93Review website and a directory
TripAdvisor93Review site and a directory
Yellow Pages87Review site and directory
Foursquare92Business review site
Manta80 Business review site
Google100Review site and directory
Bizwarriors20Promotion forum
Compare Camp53Business review site
Small Business Brief 41Promotion forum
Reddit/smallbusiness91Promotion forum
Warrior Forum69Promotion forum
Business Advice Forum30Promotion forum
Choice68Business review site
Startup Nation 59Promotion forum
All My Favs58Directory
All Top Startups53Promotion and directory 
FeedMyApps46Promotion and a directory
MoMB46Promotion and a directory
TestFreaks65Business review site
Product Hunt89Promotion and a directory
Startout50Promotion forum
Zebras Unite34Promotion forum
Retire At 2150Promotion forum
Launching Next41Directory
WBN (Women’s Business Network)21Promotion forum
Chef Talk53Promotion forum
Creative Cow68Promotion forum
Amazon96Business review site
Angi76Business review site
Startup Lift38Directory and promotion forum
Springwise73Directory and promotion forum
Better Business Bureau91Business review site
FeedMyApp46Promotion forum
Killer Startups57Startup review
Startup 8838Directory and promotion
Bing Places50Business review site
Business Consumer Alliance 40Business review site
Reddit/startups91Directory and promotion forum
G282Business review site
News85Promotion forum
The Startup Pitch37Directory 
Startup Ranking51Directory and promotion forum
Startup Blink48Directory
Startup Buffer39Promotion 
Startup Wizz25Directory 
Glassdoor90Business review site
hundredx19Business review site
hundredx81Business review site
Small Business Brief41Promotion forum
OpenTable86Business review site
WebFX72Business review site
Startup Buffer40Directory 
Startups UK72Promotion forum
SiteJabber75Business review site
Startup Sea18Directory 
Which.co86Business review site
Quora93Promotion forum
Merchant Circle75Business review site
The Fast Lane To Millions23Promotion forum
Superpages68Business review site
Trustpilot/business92Business review site
ConsumerReports90Business review site
Consumer Affairs77Business review site
Citysearch74Business review site
Verizon90Business review site
SmallBusinessSEOTools76Business review site
Practical Machinist34Promotion forum
Goodfirms51Business review site
FlyingSolo49Promotion forum
Alignable70Promotion forum
FinancesOnline70Business review site
Business Advice Forum30Promotion forum
The Fast Lane Forum44Promotion forum
Quickbooks91Promotion forum
Apps Zoom72Directory 
BankofAmerica/smallbusiness/resources/84Promotion forum

The Bottom Line

You may not have much money to advertise your startup business. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to increase your online visibility and increase your website traffic. You can turn to directories and business review sites to get early adopters.

This post provides you with the 100 best directories and review websites to post your startup business.

Good luck as you purpose to use it to get the best sites to list your startup!

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