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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week:

A recent contest winner we love the detail in this design. It begs for a second look! Great job, me&you!

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The Complete History of the Netflix Logo

Netflix’s iconic logo is recognized nearly everywhere on the globe. Its current iteration, Netflix in flat red text, despite being so simple, is so recognizable— to the point that even just showing the letter N already alerts the viewer that “yes, this is a Netflix production”

But did you know that this famous logo hasn’t always been part of Netflix’s identity? 

Let’s take a deep dive into Netflix’s logo history, and all that surrounds it.

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Featured Logo Design Contest: Dop Brewing Company

As a design junkie, I have a special place in my heart for beer labels. More often than not, the label alone is the main factor in my decision to buy the product. When the store shelves are lined with dozens of unfamiliar options, I’m going to pick the one with the cool label and hope it tastes as good as it looks. Seriously, I’m a sucker for a great beer logo.

That’s why I’m excited to showcase this logo design contest for Hatchwise client Lucky2be. They needed a new logo for their up-and-coming brewery, Dop Brewing Company

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Featured T-Shirt Design Contest: HIPPIE ROOTS T-Shirt Design

One of the best parts of working at Hatchwise is that we get the opportunity to see some of the most unique and artistic designs to be created. It’s always a good day in the office when we share our favorite contests with our readers, and this week, that content is a t-shirt design contest run for the company Hippie Roots. The company was looking for a t-shirt design that could effectively display their company while also being aesthetically pleasing and creating a design that people would be proud to wear. They chose Hatchwise as the company that would fulfill this need within their company, and our team started immediately on the request. 

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What Is A Brand Ambassador on Instagram?

Brand ambassadors can be extremely beneficial when promoting a brand and its products. Regardless of your business size, a brand ambassador can be vital to your marketing strategy. With the internet reach in our day and age, it’s important to involve social media reach to better engage with your audience and increase engagement.

If you aren’t aware of what a brand ambassador is or want to know more about what they do and how they can help your business, this article is for you.

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