The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Beginners

All the tips and tricks for social media marketing that will benefit even the most experienced social media marketing expert are in this article. How to ensure that you’ll stay on top of your posting with a schedule?

The importance of engagement and not falling behind on keeping up with your followers? How to create a unique and well thought out social media marketing strategy?

It’s all in this article! We’ve broken down the three most important steps of social media marketing for both the amateurs and the experts to learn from. Keep reading to learn how you can ensure that your social media marketing will be a success.


Many make the mistake of assuming that social media is merely posting and staying up to
date. But, as your social media account grows, your brand and audience will grow as well.
As you watch the numbers rise on your follower list, so does the responsibility involved in keeping up with those followers.

As your company grows into a more significant account, you’ll see it getting more attention; comments, people tagging your profile, and more direct messages. It’s essential that you’re responding to all these messages and ensuring that you’re keeping up with your account and staying active.

Someone sharing a happy experience? Awesome, let them know how much you appreciate their support. A negative comment? Not always as easy or as pleasant to respond to but most certainly needed. Offer support, let them know it’s getting taken care of and offer to take it off social media. People want to be heard and if they get the idea that you’re ignoring them, they’ll
end up escalating the situation and could potentially leave a negative review.

Your Social Media Strategy

The critical component of social media marketing? A solid, well thought out strategy. Even a social media master cannot successfully nail their social media marketing the first time without a carefully planned and thought out social media marketing strategy. It’s essential that before diving in and pressing that ‘post’ button, you have a strategy in place. What should your strategy consist of?

You want to acknowledge your goals for social media, what platforms you want to focus on, and the type of content that you want to post for your audience. All three of these areas of your marketing strategy depend significantly on your audience and what your company does.

Your goals are specific to your company; decide whether your company wants to achieve engagement for your brand, brand awareness, both or something else. As I’m sure you’ve heard the stories, many businesses have jumped into social media and instantly created an account on each platform, only to fail horribly. Select specific social media platforms that you think your company will do best on and start with one or two. You can add on once you’ve established a firm base on the first two.

As for the type of content you’ll post, that’s also specific to your company. If you find that your audience responds best to videos, or maybe images, you should publish more of the type of content that receives the best response.

Publishing Social Media

If you have a personal account and aren’t a significant influencer on social media yet, then you’ve probably just been posting by hitting the plus sign on your profile and uploading an image. Although this way may work great for those of us that are just posting weekly and merely uploading an image to their 150 followers of family and friends, nowadays, we have a new system for business accounts.

Instead of posting directly from your mobile, you can now use social media scheduling tools to help you create your posts, schedule them, and then they’ll automatically upload at the preferred time. Why should you opt to do this, even if you have time? Well, there are multiple reasons.

One of these is that companies have a duty to be present online; they need to be communicating with their audience and engaging with them. Unfortunately, responding to DMs, replying to comments, and posting on your profile is a lot for even the social media master to handle.

Many social media scheduling tools allow you to schedule as far as months ahead, allowing you to sit down and schedule posts out for the whole month. You can interact with your followers, keep up with posting, and save time!

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