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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week:

This recent contest winner caught our eye because of the color combination, as well as the delicate design. The perfect winery logo! Great job, gembelengan!

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The History Of The Calvin Klein Logo

The brand Calvin Klein has made such an impression on our world that it’s nearly impossible to not recognize the iconic brand and know when you see one of their products. Calvin Klein has become one of the world’s most beloved brands as well as being the number one choice when it comes to fashion. This high-profile brand has expanded further than the country, known both overseas and in the states. Although many attributes have led Calvin Klein to be one of the best brands in the industry, their logo has been the biggest part of the brand becoming so iconic. 

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Featured Logo Contest: Balfour Golf & Recreation

We’re always intrigued with the contests that are run on the site and this one caught our attention as we were looking on the site. This logo design contest saw a variety of unique concepts and the winning entry embraced the spirit of the brand and what it stands for. The logos entries were all equally beautiful and unique, using interesting design concepts to create beautiful designs. We thought that we would share this contest with you, showing a few of our favorite concepts, a little about the company, and the winning result. 

Let’s dive into the details and see all the information about this contest and the stunning entries it received. We’ll get to examine all the important parts of the contest and share the details with our readers! 

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Featured Graphic Design Contest: Brew Tour

This graphic design contest caught our attention when we were browsing the website and we thought that our readers might find it as fascinating as we do. This contest received a vast number of entries, all unique and stylish. If you’re curious about what these entries were and what the winning entry was, check out the blog post below where we share all the details. We take a look at what the client requested in the creative brief when they filled it out as well as a few of our favorite entries from creatives and of course, the winning entry submitted. Getting to see the contests run and especially the design that the client received at the end is always the highlight of our day! 

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Business Philosophy Examples

With so many great companies in our world, we’ve got the chance to see some of the best brand philosophies that exist. These are companies that have put time and thought into creating a brand philosophy that easily tells their employees what their company is about. For many of these brand philosophies, you would be able to easily tell which company they belong to based solely on the brand philosophy. Let’s take a look at some of the top business philosophy examples. 

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