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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week:

A shoutout to gembelengan for this unique and creative take on a logo for a specialty construction company! It was selected as the winner of the contest, and we aren’t surprised! Great job! 

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The Red Bull Logo And The History of The Company

For nearly three decades, Red Bull has lived by the slogan that it gives people wings. When Red Bull was founded in 1987, it was not only the launch of a new product; it birthed a totally new product category: energy drinks.

From 1987 to the present, we’ll look at the evolution of Red Bull and its iconic logo.

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Featured Logo Contest: Launch Lobster

We see a variety of contests run every week on our site and we can’t resist taking a look at all the amazing entries that are being submitted. Every once in a while we’ll go through and check out what was requested for the contest, what entries our creatives submitted to the contest, and lastly, the result for the contest. Not only do the contests range in what’s requested and the businesses that use our services, but the entries in the contests are always unique and exciting to see. When we were taking a look through contests, this logo design contest caught our attention.  

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Featured Logo Contest: Jelly Bean Labels

We always enjoy browsing through contests and getting the opportunity to see the amazing and high-quality work that’s being submitted to contests by creatives. It’s always refreshing to get the opportunity to see the different entries based on the contest brief and then what the result was and what the company received as their final design. This particular contest for Jelly Bean Labels caught our interest and we were intrigued by the entries that had been submitted. 

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The History Of The MrBeast Logo

Since MrBeast first started his journey in 2012 at the age of 13, it’s fair to assume that there’s not a deeper meaning behind the name. By the time that he had gone viral in 2017 and was older, he opted to keep the name and it’s still used today.
In all areas, he’s represented by this name, both with how he’s known in the world and his profile picture that displays his logo.
Let’s take a look at how this logo came around, as well as looking at the history behind the YouTube star that’s made quite the stir within the industry. 

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