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Hello there, 
It’s been a busy two weeks around here. We’ve been getting some great feedback on the new Hatchwise platform and it appears that you all love it as much as we do! 

If you haven’t checked out Hatchwise 3.0 yet, you really should. It’s getting close to the holidays and now is the perfect time to either run a contest for a set of holiday versions of your logo, or enter some of the dozens of design contests currently going on and earn some extra holiday spending money. Our new platform makes it fun, easy, and quick to do either one.

Have a great weekend!

George Ryan 
…and the rest of the Hatchwise Team

Featured Design of the Week

Another impressive black and white design. This winning design was submitted by Armchtrm, and we love it! 
Just remember that logos don’t always need color to make a statement-sometimes less is more, such as in this case! 

Featured: 11 Inspiring Mask Designs

If it was three years ago and someone told you that you’d have a revolving collection of face masks in your closet, you’d probably say they were crazy. But they were right. Almost two years after the COVID-19 pandemic first started, all of us now find ourselves with a wide array of masks to rotate between.

What we quickly found out though is that a face mask is not only an extension of our wardrobe, but it is also an added accessory. Face masks allow us to convey our personalities, our moods, and how each of us is unique in our own ways.

While some of us took to puzzles, reading, and crocheting to pass time during the pandemic, others turned to face mask design. Read on below to learn 11 inspiring face mask designs you might consider adding to your collection.

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Featured Contest: Yggdrasil Designs

This client reached out because they were looking for a new logo for their business. They’re a company that makes woodworking crafts and projects. They were looking for a logo that they could put on their business cards and online store for marketing purposes. They wanted the logo to include the Yggdrasil tree, saying in their contest brief, ‘Yggdrasil is the “tree of life” in Norse mythology. They requested that this idea be incorporated into the design and Hatchwise creatives got to work on their entries! Let’s see all the details! 

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Featured Contest: Shopovalue

We see a variety of unique and interesting contests here at Hatchwise and we always love to explore them further. This contest was for a company that was looking for a new logo for their business. In their creative brief, they said that they’d like the design to be fun and friendly. They requested that the colors be orange and black and said that the logo would be used online. Here we’ll take a look at what entries were submitted to the contest and what the client chose as a final result! 

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How to Establish and Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is important in building trust and recognition. To maintain brand consistency, you must remain on-brand across marketing channels and in everything that you do as a brand. More consistency brings you more recognition and trust among customers and potential customers. Here we share 4 things you can do to ensure that your organization maintains brand consistency.

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