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Hello everyone! 

Hatchwise’s headquarters are located in Connecticut, which as we speak is squarely in the path of Hurricane Henri, the growing storm that’s currently working its way toward the eastern coast of the United States. So suddenly we’re all busy stocking up on bread and milk, battening down the hatches and making sure the flashlights have batteries in them as we prepare for the storm.

Believe it or not, though, that’s not the most exciting thing happening here at the moment: We’re going to be launching Hatchwise 3.0 next week, our brand new design contest system that’s going to make the process of running or entering a design contest more fun and efficient than ever. We’re super pumped about it and you should be too!

George Ryan 
…and the rest of the Hatchwise Team

P.S. Check out the screenshot of the new system down below. Isn’t it beautiful?

Featured Design of the Week

We decided to give you all a sneak peek at Hatchwise 3.0 launching this coming week. Take a look at that new dashboard! We are super excited about how the new system will improve your Hatchwise experience, and enable our community to work together better, bring incredible designs to the world! 

Featured: Meet the winners of the 2021 Hatchie Awards!

After the massive success that we saw last year from the 2020 Hatchie Awards, we couldn’t have been more excited for this year’s 2021 Hatchies! We saw so many awesome designs submitted and are truly awed at our amazing community of creatives! 

Thousands of votes have been cast, both on-site and social media, and we’re finally ready to announce the grand prize winner of the 2021 Hatchies…

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Featured Contest: Crush

We always love to see contests run here at Hatchwise and the variety of entries submitted are always fascinating to see. It’s fun to see entries submitted and what the client chose as their result. This contest specifically for a hockey team sparked our interest. The contest received a lot of interest and our talented creatives submitted a variety of unique design concepts to it! Let’s take a look at a few of the top entries and what the client chose as their final result! 

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Featured Contest: Drippy

This contest saw over 400 entries from our talented creatives and the client paid a total of $150 for their winning design! Over 100 creatives participated in the contest and submitted entries and the contest was viewed 9580 times.
This contest, in particular, was unique, seeing a variety of creative entries and a result that the client loved.
The client wrote in their contest brief, “We are developing a high quality, luxury personal lubricant. We want a clean minimalist style to match our clean minimal ingredient list…”

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10 Examples of Logo Design Gone Wrong

Brands create logos to exemplify their values, hoping that they will catch on and help to establish an association between the corporate images and their business. These logos must be memorable, attractive, and speak to audiences. And sometimes businesses hit the mark.  Other times, they not only miss it – their aim is so far away from what the image they intended to create for their organizations. 

Sometimes these misses are due to simply being dull. Other times they are wholly inappropriate and work against the values the business encompasses. Here we share ten examples of logo design gone wrong. 

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