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Imagine Projects International received 68 custom Logo Designs created by 9 designers, and purchased their favorite

for only $125.00.


Design Brief:
What is the full name as you want it on your logo?
Imagine Projects International
Do you want any slogans or taglines on your logo?
What service or product do you provide?
Imagine is a charity that works with local community development projects in Latin America to fight poverty and rescue high-risk kids. We run fundraising events, have sponsorship packages and are looking to move into the services business.
What is your target audience?
We are marketed to all audiences and our supporter base comes from all demographics. Most of our contact with new customers is done through social media and online marketing. We are looking to move into print marketing shortly.
What style would you like your logo to be? Would you like unique text, an icon with the name included in it, an icon with the name next to it, an illustration, or a different style?
The name "Imagine" should be a focus with possibly another focal point on some design or picture around or near it. The rest of the name (Projects International) is optional in the logo. Up to designers discretion
Do you want any specific ideas implemented into your logos?
Our colour is a turquoise green colour and we think want to continue with that. We have previously used whites and greys also but we would love you to play around with colours.
What should come to a customers mind when they see your logo?
Inspiring, trustworthy, life changing, transformative. We need people to see the logo, recognise it and trust that we are making a difference in the lives of people (specifically children) living in poverty.
Is there anything you would not like to see in your logo?
Please do not use any font that looks like Times New Roman.
How will the logo be used?
Mainly website, newsletters, business cards and letterheads
Do you have any files or images pertaining to your contest that you want the designers to view?
I dont necessarily want this incorporated in the logo picture wise but I love the way it has that transformative feel. The feel is what I want to capture http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/3889/transformationpicture.jpg
What format do you want your logo to be designed in (.ai, psd, corel etc..)

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