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We love this fun and cute winning logo designed by jfsaing for a healthy Boba tea

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The Complete History Of The NFL Logo

Long ago, in 1940, the NFL wanted a logo that could represent all its teams similarly. So, they created their first official emblem with a simple shield design, stars, and a football in the middle.

The logo changed to fit the league’s growth and modern styles as time passed. In 1970, they added colors like red, white, and blue to show patriotism. Then 2008, they made it look even sleeker and more polished. 

The NFL Logo is more than just a picture; it stands for togetherness, pride, and the strong connection between the league and its loyal fans. As we learn about the history of the NFL Logo, we’ll discover the true heart of American football’s most famous symbol.

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Featured Design Contest: Finagy – Financial Services Logo

The Finagy Logo Design Contest was held on Hatchwise, a website that connects companies seeking creative services with creatives from all over the world. Finagy was looking for a distinctive logo that would capture its spirit of innovation, reliability, and professionalism in relaying its financial services.

Let’s examine the designs that were submitted in more detail and discover the inventiveness, diversity, and originality that this competition produced.

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Featured Design Contest: Bailey Real Estate Investments – Real Estate Logo

Bailey Real Estate Investments submitted a design contest with Hatchwise for a custom logo.
After filling out the creative brief detailing the brand requirements for their logo, creatives from across the globe went down to work, producing some of the most amazing entries.
In the end, the client chose a custom logo that resonated well with their brands.

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The Complete History Of The 7UP Logo

7UP is one of the most enduring lemon-lime soda drinks of all time, rising through a crowded market in the 1920s to become, if not your favorite, lemon-lime carbonated beverage, an acceptable alternative to Sprite or Starry.

The brand has tried many different logos, slogans, mascots, and ad campaigns throughout the years to differentiate itself from other lemon-lime fizzy drinks.

In this article, we’ll cover the history of 7UP from its creator to the present day, some of the most famous ad campaigns, slogans, and mascots, and the timeline of the logo from the ill-conceived original name to the branding and logo consumers are familiar with today. 

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