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Featured Design Contest: Bailey Real Estate Investments – Real Estate Logo

A logo acts as the pillarstone for your business’ success by building trust and validating your professionalism. As such, business logo designs should resonate with your brand identity and capture your target audience’s attention as soon as they see it.

Given its intricacies, the work of creating a company logo should be done by creatives who are experts in logo design. Hatchwise provides you with a platform where you can meet the most talented logo designers from across the globe through organizing logo design contests.

Bailey Real Estate Investments submitted a design contest with Hatchwise for a custom logo. After filling out the creative brief detailing the brand requirements for their logo, creatives from across the globe went down to work, producing some of the most amazing entries. In the end, the client chose a custom logo that resonated well with their brands.

What was requested?

Bailey Real Estate Investments requested a logo design that showcases the beauty of nature, maps, and vacant land ready to be sold. While the brand specializes in buying and selling vacant land located in remote areas of California and Hawaii including, heavily grown areas and desert areas, the client requested the creatives to avoid mentioning the ‘buying and selling’ aspect.

Instead, the logo design was to have a national park or a rural land type of vibe. The color scheme was to be blue and green with a touch of tan to represent the Joshua Tree boulders. The company stands by its core values, including: Work the system, Be the Easy Button, Come from Curiosity and Constant Improvement. 

Logo designers were allowed to only use the name ‘Bailey Real Estate’ or its abbreviation ‘BREI,’ when coming up with the logos.

Bailey Real Estate Investments Logo Design Contest

The Bailey Real Estate Investments logo design contest received 428 entries, of which the winning logo design was awarded $150. The process of selecting the winning logo design involved the following steps;

  • Receive custom entries from the community of talented creative
  • Rate and review the incoming entries till you find your perfect match
  • Choose the winning entry and award the winner the contest prize money
  • Get full ownership of the winning entry and any files you might need
  • Use the winning entry on your products, social pages, or any other customer touchpoint

Contest Entries

Here are some top contest entries submitted during BREI’s logo design contest:

Entry #1

The first design is a circle logo that represents growth and the natural world, showcasing a peaceful countryside with a flourishing tree.

Next to the logo, the company name is placed strategically so that it blends in with the soothing blue color scheme. This arrangement conveys a feeling of steadiness, signifying the business’s dedication to protecting investments in the middle of breathtaking scenery.

Entry #2

The exquisite typography is the main highlight of this design. The stylishly constructed corporate name, “Bailey Real Estate Investments,” creates a mesmerizing 3D appearance, with the letter ‘B’ standing out and demanding attention. This artistic interpretation is tastefully displayed on a wooden signboard, which gives it a touch of rustic appeal.

The logo’s importance is highlighted by the dark background, which also emanates refinement. The whole impression exudes a fusion of modernity and classic elegance, which is ideal for displaying the company as a trustworthy land investment firm. However, the logo fails to capture the important requirements of the beautiful nature, maps, and vacant land ready to be sold

Entry #3

Two circles represent unlimited growth enclosing a colorful landscape with lush trees that represent the beauty of nature. The color scheme of white and green stands for purity and abundance and symbolizes the company’s dedication to successful property investments.

Balance is emphasized by the company name, which is elegantly positioned between the circles. 

Entry #4

A little plant is shown sprouting inside a vase-shaped icon in this design, signifying growth and possibility. The predominant shades of orange and green convey vigor and warmth while highlighting the company’s dedication to protecting investments.

The straightforward but colorful graphic perfectly expresses the core of monetary fertility and natural progress.

Entry #5

This design features a crown and a house shape, which symbolize both power and investments in real estate. The corporate name is tastefully positioned below the crown, which stands for excellence.

The surrounding elements are peaceful green, which represents growth and harmony, while the crown is a regal blue color, signifying dependability and trust. This design portrays the company as a market leader in the real estate sector, fusing elegance with a feeling of community and development.

Entry #6

A gorgeous landscape with flourishing trees is enclosed within an oval shape that is open at the top, representing nature and life. The large, capital-letter company name dominates the background in green.

The predominant green tones denote expansion and abundance, while the predominant blue denotes confidence and serenity. This logo is the perfect symbol for the land investment company because it exudes openness, expansion, and dependability.

Entry #7

The icon in this design is a hexagon that has been divided into parts. One wall features a colorful tree growing on lush terrain as a representation of nature and development. An investment in real estate is represented by the building symbol on the adjacent partition.

Trust, nature, and tranquility are all conveyed by the tasteful combination of blue and green tones. The design, set against a white background, exudes clarity and purity, reflecting the company’s emphasis on real estate and natural resource investments.

Entry #8

This logo depicts a beautiful environment with a bright sun rising over hilly terrain and illuminating the rich vegetation. There is also a standing tall tree representing opportunity and progress.

The business name is tastefully positioned beneath to complement the natural imagery. This portrayal inspires feelings of fresh starts, development, and hope for the future. The layout demonstrates the company’s dedication to fostering investments in a setting of opportunity and natural beauty.

Entry #9

The design includes a distinctive image that resembles a parachute lifting a group of structures into the air. Buildings stand for real estate investments scaling new heights, while the star-shaped parachute denotes direction and potential.

The picture evokes aspiration and a sense of global reach. A universe of chances are promised to clients thanks to the company’s innovative approach to real estate projects, which combines innovation, expansion, and heavenly symbolism.

Entry #10

This design features a flame-shaped trophy symbol that stands for innovation and accomplishment. The trophy showcases the company’s accomplishments in the sector while also showing minor imprints of real estate structures upon closer investigation.

This logo represents the company’s dedication to achievement and establishes the business as a pioneer in the real estate industry.

Entry #11

This first logo design features a green pin icon with the center having an illustrated mountain and river landscape in white. The text “Real Estate Investments” is written in bold green below, with “Bailey” above it.

The outdoor scenery and prominent company name capture Bailey’s focus on nature-oriented properties and aim to portray it as a distinguished, reliable brand.

Entry #12

This concept includes an outdoor background with trees, mountains, and a river enclosed in a semicircle giving a national park or a rural land type of vibe. In the foreground, “BAILEY REAL ESTATE” is written in dark forest green font on a clean white surface.

The blue sky and scattered clouds create a soothing, natural aesthetic. This organic, detailed landscape captures the essence of Bailey’s real estate offerings in a vivid logo.

Entry #13

A dark green flower with five petals in this logo represents growth and fluidity with a touch of nature. On the crisp white background, the vibrant green colors pop to show the brand’s bright future in real estate investment. The blend of natural elements in an abstract style creates a unique and eye-catching brand image.

Entry #14

This classic logo design emphasizes sophistication and tradition with its serif font and rich gold, green, and black color scheme. The name “Bailey” is written in a bold, capitalized serif font with thick vertical strokes, conveying stability and authority.

Underneath, “Real Estate Investments” is written in a thinner, more delicate serif font, elegantly balancing the top half. Gold represents prosperity and success, while the black-gray background provides a sense of sophistication. The tiny house icon to the left of the name adds a literal touch, clearly communicating the real estate industry. Overall, this traditional design speaks to heritage and dependability.

Entry #15

This logo takes a more modern, abstract approach. It features two parallel lines forming a triangle with the name of the brand in between it. “Bailey” is written in a bolder weight, drawing the eye up top, while “Real Estate Investments” sits below it in a green hairline font, almost fading into the background. The sans serif font has a sleek, contemporary look while maintaining legibility. 

The top line has a mountain portraying Bailey’s focus on nature with an orange color at the top to show energy and enthusiasm of the brand. Below the second line is a lush of green vegetation with a white path illustrating your journey to success with Bailey.

The Winning Design

Entry #16

Due to its flawless fusion of innovation, meaning, and color harmony, this designer takes the winning title. The crescent moon, which is cradling the sun-like circle, stands for both natural cycles and the company’s capacity to nurture investments from the start to thriving growth.

The presence of a colorful environment with hills and trees brings up an intense image of possibility and wealth, while the color scheme, which incorporates the meanings of green for nature, blue for trust, brown for stability, and orange for energy, adds depth and emotion to produce a striking visual effect.

With its assurance of a successful future and a seamless fusion of nature and investment, this design effectively symbolizes the fundamental principles of the business.

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