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Hatchwise Designs The New “X” Logo For Twitter

If you’ve been online within the last few weeks, chances are that you’re aware of the flash rebrand that occurred at Twitter, courtesy of its enigmatic leader, Elon Musk. In an act that has launched a storm of enthusiastic (and decidedly mixed) reactions, Musk announced that his social media platform would bear the emblem “X”.

It’s no secret that we love rebrands. While classic designs will always have a place in the design world, the drive to re-imagine conventional logos help keep our visual palates fresh.

Twitter has been a cauldron of change ever since its acquisition by Musk, and the starkness of its new design reflects a new, aggressive dynamism. It is a sharp contrast with the old blue bird logo, which looks almost jejune in comparison.

While social media continues to debate the merits of the new logo, we eagerly embraced the moment and made it the centerpiece of our most recent design contest. The task was simple: see if you can one-up the wealthiest man in the world.

As we expected, our intrepid designers were up to the challenge. In total, we received 378 entries, ranging from safe, to weird, to the outer spatial. Having to choose one out of many excellent candidates was, as always, exceedingly difficult.

For your enjoyment, we’ve curated a selection of our most noteworthy entries below, culminating in the winner.

Honorable Mentions

 Entry #3166459 by sfl

A clean look that manages to soften the inherent aggressiveness of the letter “X” with some deft re-alignment.

Entry #3166271 by sfl

A woven design nicely executed to convey a sense of unity.

Entry #3166266 by sfl

The symmetry works here, and the rounded edges lend a welcoming soft touch 

Entry #3166448 by SepArt71

The use of realistic wings adds a nice depth to this design.

 Entry #3165683 by ChesterC

The long tail of the X leads the eye and makes for a clever balance with the filleted circular background.

Entry #3169744 by dehints

This design really gets its bang for the buck, carving the letter X into three distinct forms.

Entry #3166110 by yanuaryanuar

A simple and elegant design that uses a black background effectively to spotlight the central form.

Entry #3170683 by sani

Points for innovativeness for this crossroad design with a twist.

Entry #3170662 by itaitu

The choice of featuring one arm of the “X” over imbues this logo with a sense of purpose.

Entry #3170656 by nurilch_design

This design puts the letter X through visual gymnastics in an unexpected way.

Entry #3170478 by M4rukochan

The angles in this design suggest an X that is actively transforming into avian form.

Entry #3170241 by design magelang

The metallic shading of this design works well against a black background.

Entry #3169997 by expre123

A sense of transition is captured nicely in this rendering.

Entry #3169992 by monstersox

The placement of the “X” in mid-orbit helps this design pop in 3D.

Entry #3169637 by edbert

Less is more in this design, which evokes both a crossroads and a vacuum.

Entry #3169528 by berthoud

A well-rendered concept a bit out of the norm, this design invites a cerebral interpretation.

Entry #3169526 by adrianroditis

There’s a great metaphor to be found within the clash of blue and red here.

 Entry #3169441 by berthoud

The open-ended arms of the “X” in this design lend a nice balance to the bold lines.

Entry #3169446 by Makixmaki

A clean and simple design that subverts “X” into a clear path of possibility.

Entry #3169415 by no

This logo pops thanks to the bold use of contrast.

Entry #3169170 by irsanari44

Veering almost into abstract territory, this is a design for the eclectics out there.

 Entry #3166979 by meruem

The Twitter bird finds perhaps its most triumphant form in this design.

Entry #3166993 by meruem

It’s hard to tell where this design begins and ends, which is part of the fun.

Entry #3166332 by Designape


Entry #3166197 by Glorizart

This design features two identical avian forms going in opposite directions, making for a balanced look.

Entry #3166187 by Glorizart

This design invokes fluidity by portraying a bird that simply happens to take the form of an “X” in mid-wingbeat.

Entry #3166000 by Mohamed2097

The graceful form depicted here doubles beautifully as a subtly off-kilter “X”.

Entry #3169602 by SepArt71

The folded corner gives this design just the right amount of irreverence.

Entry #3170685 by Creativo

We’re not 100% sure about the exact metaphor being conveyed here, but we do enjoy the black and white minimalism of this vision.

The Short List

These were the entries that we thought were especially unique or compelling. Though they fell just short of claiming the top prize, we felt they deserved special recognition.

Entry #3169144 by MayID

Points for pure visual appeal on this one – the interlocking shapes are harmonious in a way that’s especially eye-pleasing.

Entry #3166077 by Jagad Langitan

This was one of the more creative efforts we saw, imagining X as a series of thought bubbles going in different directions.

 Entry #3166662 by hansel

Hansel is so hot right now with this nifty concept. The choice to portray the bird as almost plane-like in appearance is something that surely would have sparked some conversations on social media.

Entry 3170281 by Mza

This was a purely aesthetic choice, apart from any practical applications in a corporate environment. Great use of symmetry here, and we love the X / bird a la Rorshach.

Entry #3167161 by FXF Creations

This design blends the old and the new in a way that’s seamless and provocative in its re-imagination of the Twitter bird in raptor form.

Entry #3165811 by Emmanjose

Throwback time! We love the vintage vibes from this entry, which catches the eye with its generous use of space and color.

Entry #3166118 by meurem

We saw quite a few designs which evoked space themes (nice synergies there), and this was our top pick in that category. The twin streaks are an especially nice touch to convey motion on the dominant axis.

Entry #3169686 by Toledanes

The singularity is here! The stark simplicity of this design combined with its irresistible inward gravity is delightful in Twitter blue.

Entry #3166126 by yanuaryanuar

Our favorite take on the “crossroads” design. What took this logo to another level was the use of solid black, bringing to mind the sort of mystery-shrouded black box ingenuity we assume was behind the rebranding decision in the first place.

Entry #3166725 by Dibya93

This design topped the list in the “fun” category. This is the Twitter bird living its best life. It’s lean, it’s jaunty, and it doesn’t care what the world thinks about controversial social media titans.


Entry #3169513 by liong

We adore the boldness of this design, which utilizes raw, visceral imagery in a way that stands out among the other entries. This is the populist emblem of a social media machine that froths innovation, leaks war footage, and swings elections. It’s a beautiful encapsulation of social media as a living biomass, stripped of corporate polish and monetizing niceties.

This is a logo that deserves a spotlight. Whether that spotlight would be better suited for a street mural or a phone screen icon is fair to debate. Regardless, we would be remiss if we did not recognize the subversive brilliance of this effort, which has vibes more Malcolm X than Model X.

The Winner

The Winning Entry by RASEL2021

Positivity radiates from this clever reconfiguration of the iconic Twitter bird into a version of the letter X that is efficient in its flight, and at the same time manages to retain a hint of the playfulness of its predecessor.

From a technical perspective, this logo is a reminder that clean lines and simplicity never go out of style. Two forms separate subtly by a band of white space which cleverly evokes motion and air in mid-flight. The upward angle of the bird’s form is a nice optimistic touch. Full wing extension exudes confidence befitting the evolution of Twitter itself, a company whose first office was in a warehouse and which now resides in a San Francisco skyscraper.

If you look closely enough, the curves of the bird’s wings and torso are subtly evocative of flames. In soothing blue, the effect is more gentle strength than consuming heat.

Rebrands can spark emotional reactions. We understand – breaking up with a familiar logo can be hard. The beauty of this design is that it evokes an optimistic transition rather than an abrupt break. We feel confident in saying that users would have had an easier time adjusting had this been Twitter HQ’s choice.

We’d like to extend our congratulations to the winner, RASEL2021 for a fantastic entry. Their work is certainly worthy of a retweet (or an X-hibit). Now, the next step is convincing Elon Musk to rethink his decision. Last we checked, there’s still room atop the Twitter building.

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Hatchwise Designs The New “X” Logo For Twitter – If you’ve been online within the last few weeks, chances are that you’re aware of the flash rebrand that occurred at Twitter, courtesy of its enigmatic leader, Elon Musk. While social media continues to debate the merits of the new logo, we eagerly embraced the moment and made it the centerpiece of our most recent design contest. The task was simple: see if you can one-up the wealthiest man in the world.

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