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Hatchwise Redesigns The US Space Force Logo

When we first saw the new logo for the newest branch of the United States military, Space Force, we were very underwhelmed, to say the least. In addition to being bland and uninspired the new logo bears an uncanny resemblance to the fictional Starfleet design from the fictional series Star Trek.

The bland US Space Force Logo (Jan 24th 2020)The Starfleet Command Logo

We took matters into our own hands.

Confident that our community of thousands of talented creatives could do better we launched a logo design contest dedicated to completely rebranding Space Force.

The Contest

The contest was a massive success. More than 200 designers entered a whopping 763 designs, with many, many incredible options and variations to choose from. Some of our favorites are below.

Entry #2019157 by D’creator
Entry #2021148 by ucingarong
Entry #2023425 by quimcey
Entry #2027690 by Jart
Entry #2028406 by miledesign
Entry #2020099 by jumadi
Entry #2021255 by Bintanglaut2
Entry #2019338 by Asri
Entry #2022286 by daudchrist
Entry #2019361 by Asri
Entry #2078953 by pingpong
Entry #2079419 by putulak
Entry #2080452 by Christopher
Entry #2083150 by Ankitjyoti
Entry #2109924 by yaya
Entry #2111434 by andrelopes
Entry #2112842 by hallow
Entry #2115776 by Symmetrical
Entry #2027492 by daudchrist
Entry #2099812 by Deven

See the other 743 contest entries here!

But there can only be one winner!

After much deliberating Hatchwise staff selected Farikhul Huda’s redesign as the winner, which gets him a $500 prize as well as bragging rights for all time!


The winning entry to the US Space Force Logo Contest, created by Farikhul Huda

Breaking Down The Winning Design

Farikhul’s design uses clean, bold lines and strong yet subtle colors in the logo. This combination speaks to the long-standing U.S. tradition of space exploration, but also gives a fresh, modern feel that expresses the future potential of the Space Force. The logo is highly symbolic, with a global element nestled just behind an ascending shuttle. Four stars symbolize both the United States’ core iconography and the literal realm of outer space. The overall design includes just enough details for visual interest without losing clarity or becoming overwhelming. Overall, we were impressed with Farikhul’s clever, concise design and its universal appeal.

Meet The Designer

Farikhul is a designer from Indonesia, where he teaches at a private high school. After earning his degree in 2017, he chose to devote himself to the fields of social and religious education. Sadly, Indonesia’s unstable economy caused struggles for Farikhul. Despite working for little or no pay, he committed himself to his endeavors and eventually began to immerse himself in art and design.

Farikhul, working with his students

In time, he started making money by selling his graphic design skills. Once he discovered the world of design contests, he was hooked. He says, “Now, every night I focus on design, and during the day I work in education.”

When designing the U.S. Space Force logo, he specifically included stars as a symbol of aspiration and the shuttle as an indication of “the courage to keep dreaming.” The symbol represents his personal achievements in addition to the lofty goals of the U.S. Space Force. 

Farikhul, teaching in his classroom

Farikhul has an unusual creative process: “I never make a sketch of [my] design,” he says. “I just continue to sit at my computer for hours, sipping cigarettes and looking for inspiration from all the designs I’ve ever made.” Clearly, this process works! 

Space Force? Can you hear us?

Next steps! Although we do not have a direct line to the top of the Space Force command chain we are putting it out there here and now that we are ready and waiting to transfer all rights in the new design to the US Government free of charge!

To the Hatchwise community we want to say thank you for all the inspiring, fun, incredibly creative and professional designs that we got to review in the process of this contest!

Are You Our Next Winner?

At Hatchwise, we regularly host contests where designers like Farikhul can let their imagination fly. If you’d like to contribute your talents and overcome your limitations, visit and signup as a creative!

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