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The Complete History Of The Adidas Logo

Have you ever wondered how the Adidas logo came to be? Discover the history behind the Adidas logos and how each design evolution progressed from 1949 until today.

As many brands’ logos have, Adidas’ logo has been through several versions that you can still see scattered throughout the merchandising and promotion. It all started from a love of providing quality sporting goods to consumers, and that ties the brand together today.

Let’s dive into the history of the Adidas logo and the brand itself.

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Featured Design Contest: Changing Lanes

If you’re looking to redesign your company’s logo or are looking to create your company’s very first logo, your mind probably quickly becomes flooded with various thoughts and ideas. It can be hard to sift through all of this, especially when your skillset is on running your business, rather than designing your brand’s logo.

One of Hatchwise’s recent logo design contests was for Changing Lanes. Changing Lanes decided to use Hatchwise’s contest format to develop a classy logo that accurately conveyed their brand’s mission.

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Featured Design Contest: Dr. Mojo

Today’s featured design contest was run for Hatchwise client cdorris, who was looking for something a little different in a logo contest. Instead of asking for a company logo, our client wanted a high-end design to use as a private label for bottles of tequila that will be gifted to patients at a cosmetic dentistry practice. 

The design brief stated that the client wanted a black label with white and gold text. The dentist’s nickname is “Mojo”, so they wanted the tequila label to say “Dr. Mojo Special Blend Tequila – Sip & Smile”. Other than the tagline, they asked that nothing teeth or dental related be included in the design. They wanted something classy, strong, and bold, suggesting power and luxury. 

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Featured Design Contest: Indie Island

Today’s design contest spotlight features animated gif graphics to be used as a teaser on social media. Hatchwise client Vbowen already had a logo for their business, but they wanted a design that could incorporate their existing logo into an animated teaser graphic to advertise their new blog, Indie Island. 

In the client’s words, “I have a logo for Indie Island – but would like to create a teaser graphic for social media… Possibly a graphic postcard showing the logo and then flipping to writing to say “Wish you were here”.  A graphic of the sea, then the logo rising from the sea also- using the logo- an active graphic that shows the island- the tide coming in and out and revealing a message in the sand.

Our client received 35 designs and awarded a prize of $150 to the winner. Let’s take a look at some of the creative entries they received. 

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