Featured Design Contest: Indie Island – Social Media Teaser Graphic

Today’s design contest spotlight features animated gif graphics to be used as a teaser on social media. Hatchwise client Vbowen already had a logo for their business, but they wanted a design that could incorporate their existing logo into an animated teaser graphic to advertise their new blog, Indie Island. 

In the client’s words, “I have a logo for Indie Island – but would like to create a teaser graphic for social media… Possibly a graphic postcard showing the logo and then flipping to writing to say “Wish you were here”.  A graphic of the sea, then the logo rising from the sea also- using the logo- an active graphic that shows the island- the tide coming in and out and revealing a message in the sand.

Our client received 35 designs and awarded a prize of $150 to the winner. Let’s take a look at some of the creative entries they received. 

#2921706 by wongsanus

The Indie Island logo rises like the sun above the horizon of this very realistic-looking water. We see its reflection rippling along the surface of the ocean as two palm trees frame the image between the sky and the sea.

It’s a postcard from paradise! This is a playful teaser that is sure to make readers want to know more about what Indie Island is all about.

At first, we see dancing palm trees and sunbeams, but as we keep watching, the tide recedes to reveal a friendly message in the sand.

That sand castle didn’t stand a chance. The Indie Island cruise ship dominates this design in the end as crashes into the structure, eventually taking over the whole frame.

As the wave pulls back, the logo comes forward, and a message in the sand is revealed. “Going Indie” is another slogan that the company uses for its brand.

This postcard gives the web address of our client’s business serving financial advisors who are considering entrepreneurship.

Just about everything is animated in this gif. The clouds, sea, sky, and trees are all blowing in the breeze, not to mention the dolphin leaping playfully across the whole image.

This teaser brings an element of suspense, as readers wonder where it is that they might want to be. Next comes the blue sky and sea, and finally a logo bounces its way into the frame before finally settling down.

And the winner is…

This design is an excellent choice for a social media teaser. There is plenty of movement, but it’s gentle and not busy. The water and palm tree are just barely moving, and the logo rises slowly above the horizon, leaving just a hint of a reflection on the water. A trio of seagulls flies over the top, bringing a realistic quality to the whole design. 

Did you enjoy this contest design spotlight? Want to see more? You can check out the full contest, including more great animated design submissions here.

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