Featured Design Contest: Changing Lanes – Car Donation Logo

If you’re looking to redesign your company’s logo or are looking to create your company’s very first logo, your mind probably quickly becomes flooded with various thoughts and ideas. It can be hard to sift through all of this, especially when your skillset is on running your business, rather than designing your brand’s logo. With Hatchwise though, you don’t have to worry about taking what is in your head and creating a logo all on your own.

Hatchwise focuses on logo contests so once you put the details of what you are looking for into a creative brief, designers from all over the world will begin to work on your project. You can let the designers know what you like and don’t like until you have a winning logo design.

One of Hatchwise’s recent logo design contests was for Changing Lanes. Changing Lanes decided to use Hatchwise’s contest format to develop a classy logo that accurately conveyed their brand’s mission.

Want to learn more about how Changing Lanes went from a simple creative brief to receiving more than 218 entries? Keep reading below to learn more about their experience.

What Was Requested

The mission of Changing Lanes drives everything that they do. That’s why they needed to find a logo design that captured this. Changing Lanes is a charity that donates cars to single moms in need. The brand’s target audience includes either those single moms who are without reliable transportation and need help, as well as those individuals who can donate a car or support the cause.

It was important to the brand that this logo was versatile across several marketing mediums including online media (such as their website and Facebook profile), print media (such as their business cards, letterheads, and brochures), larger scale media (such as signs for shops or billboards), and television and screen media.

Given the scope of the brand’s work, the logo needed to convey that Changing Lanes is a charity focused on providing automobiles.

As soon as Changing Lanes finished Hatchwise’s creative brief, they began to receive countless designs from creatives all over the world. They ended up with 218 entries to choose from and you can check out a sampling of these entries, as well as the winning logo design, below.

A Few Entry Comparisons

#2831251 by wellbeing

While this logo design wasn’t the winning entry, the designer provided several variations of this logo design for Changing Lanes to review. The use of only two colors is not distracting to the design and the font selection is a soft choice for the brand. The incorporation of the heart ties in nicely with the brand’s mission and the car symbol depicts what the charity does.

#2831231 by ChampenG

This entry features countless soft elements that help take the brand away from an “automobile” company to a charity. The “helping” hands highlight the charity and the use of two lines next to the brand’s name, indicates two lanes. The font choice is more professional than other entries, but the light color choices soften the sharp lines of the charity’s name. 

#2831013 by Fathenry

At first glance, this logo design immediately gives off charity vibes, which is what the organization was going for. The logo design is warm and inviting, with the car strategically placed inside the pink heart, as the focal point. The use of blue and pink are soft color choices that are fitting for an organization that helps single mothers. While the font is all in capital letters, the font still is warm and the logo design can be easily scaled, no matter the marketing medium.

#2830424 by SawDesigns

While not the winning design, this logo design went more down the automobile route. This logo has similar features to other car and mechanic brands, and even resembles an emblem that might be placed on a car. The use of black and white makes the logo versatile and the simplicity of the logo makes it stand out from other designs that were received.

#2831170 by Konrado

As the client provided feedback on the current entries, many of the future logo designs included softer colors, heart symbols, and rounded fonts. This logo in particular used pink and a heart to signify that the charity is focused on helping single mothers. The pink components of the logo draw the viewer in and based on the simple features of this logo, the viewer will likely want to know more about the charity.

#2831084 by andsue

This entry incorporates features that other logo designs also included, yet it went down more of the professional avenue. Unlike other logos that used pinks and purples, designer, andsue, opted for gray and red. The car sits within the heart of the text. The use of the heart conveys that the brand is more than a car company, giving the viewer a hint that the company is focused on helping others through cars. Even though the font is strictly capital letters, the logo still appears welcoming.

#2831136 by dsdezign

Unlike other logos, dsdezign opted to use a heart symbol more subtly in this logo design. While other logos made the heart a prominent part of the logo, this design used it as part of the “A.” This logo design used three different colors and incorporated a sketch of a vehicle at the top of the logo. Each of these design elements was intentional to fully capture the mission of the brand. 

#2831241 by Novin

This entry is more intricate than other entries. The designer used varying shades of purple and included all the graphics in one enclosed circle. This design includes an image of a mother holding a child and a car, which help to fully convey the mission of the brand. The logo is eye-catching and includes more elements than other entries which was a nice addition to the entry pool.

#2831243 by adnan110173

Unlike other logos that selected rounded, soft fonts, this design opted for a font with sharp lines. The font looks like a digitized font and the addition of the car sketch ties into this font choice nicely. Having the logo enclosed within the heart symbol symbolizes that the brand is more than a car company. The color choice is also soft, and all of these design components together likely provoke a viewer to want to find out more information about what “Changing Lanes” is. 

The Winning Design

#2825533 by Jart

As noted at the start of this article, the client received a total of 218 entries to review and award a winner from. Ultimately this design by Jart was the selected winner and Jart was awarded $350. This design stood out because it not only incorporated soft colors, and a car and heart symbol, but all parts of the logo are interconnected. The logo is exciting and extremely versatile for all the marketing mediums the client plans to use, without the logo feeling overcrowded. This winning design is now the official logo of Changing Lanes!

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