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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week:

This stunning logo was designed by creative, get_work, and was the contest winner. We love the colors, and the fact that there is no building featured (just the text). Elegant and eye-catching! 

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The History Of The Porsche Logo and The Company

If you have ever been in a conversation with a car enthusiast, you know that their knowledge runs deep. Chances are that they told you everything about a car’s engine, model, and history in that conversation. If you’ve experienced this then maybe you participated in the conversation, or maybe you left feeling like you should learn more about cars. 

Whatever the case, one thing you don’t need to be a car expert for is to recognize different car brands. One of the most recognizable brands out there is also one of the most luxurious brands out there – Porsche. 

Porsche has been around for almost 100 years which means, you’ve likely come across their logo at some point in time and/or have passed a Porsche on a highway on some drive. Porsche’s logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the car industry and it’s for a good reason! 

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Logo Design Case Study: TGIF Body Shop

We see dozens of contents run at Hatchwise but every once in a while we’ll see one in particular that catches our eye. This contest for a body shop caught our interest as we were looking through the website and we were instantly interested in learning more about it.

Not only were we intrigued by the winning entry that was submitted for this design contest but we also enjoyed getting to see all the entries submitted and the variety of designs. These designs ranged from using a variety of colors for the concepts and different design styles that made each stand out from the others.

After taking a look at this contest and seeing how fascinating all the details were we were instantly excited to share it with our readers. 

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Logo Design Case Study: Thrive Academy For Physicians

As we were looking through the site recently we came across an intriguing contest that caught our eye and we knew right away that it would receive some pretty creative entries. The client was looking for a new logo and Hatchwise creatives were happy to deliver spectacular results as they came out with new concepts. We were surprised at the amazing concepts that the contest received and instantly knew that we wanted to share our favorites. For this blog post, we’ve gone through and collected our top entries submitted to the contest to share with our readers. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over what the client requested for this contest, the entries that were submitted, and lastly, we’ll also look at the result that was chosen as the winning design.

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The History Of The Google Logo

If you want to confirm if a restaurant is open, where do you go? If you want to find out more information about a product you just saw an advertisement for, where do you go? Or, if you want to get inspiration for holiday gifts, where do you go? Chances are Google is the first website you visit to search for what you are looking for. 

There’s a reason why whatever Google touches turns to gold. It’s because their logo is familiar and relatable, and because their logo evokes trust and high quality. It doesn’t matter what Google’s logo is printed on, if you as a consumer see it, you know what you are about to purchase will be cutting-edge and will be a product that will stand up to the hype. 

As one of the top technology companies in the world, Google’s logo is also one of the top recognizable logos in the world. Keep reading to learn more about Google’s evolution as a company and how its logo helped drive its domination in the tech market. 

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