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Who said soap needs to be boring? We love this logo that was created by rofiiqx, for an all-natural, handmade, Vermont (USA) based soap company

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The History Of The Vogue Logo

Vogue is the largest and most famous fashion magazine around the globe and has adapted to the times. The Vogue logo is truly legendary, one that lets the font do the talking and makes itself memorable. First published in 1892, the magazine has grown and is now distributed in 23 countries and has around 11 million subscribers. Although the magazine and the logo may have both changed over time, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t kept some iconic elements. 

The logo has stayed with the familiar and iconic font that is at the heart of the logo. The magazine as well has kept elements that make it memorable and familiar. Let’s take a look at what is at the heart of the logo and magazine that has stayed the same throughout time. 

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20 of the Best Businesses to Start

Hoping to branch out on your own and enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle?  There are many ways to make that dream happen.  You could take your expertise and market your services to a particular market.  Or learn a new trade to offer services that interest you.  Sometimes it is just about finding the right solution to answer the problems of others.  If you’re ready for the autonomy and freedom that comes with owning your own business, start compiling business ideas and choose the best one that works for your experience and skill.

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How To Get Out Of A Business Slump

You’ve reached the point; we all know it. The all too familiar feeling when your business begins to sink and you can gradually begin to feel it falling into a slump. It’s inevitable and, unfortunately, bound to happen at some point during your career. Whether burnout, clients, or something else, it’s often the little things that trigger the downward spiral. What can you do when your business is in a slump?

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Top 10 Brand Names That Are Now Used as Regular Words

Many brand names have become synonymous with the products for which they are famous — and while that may seem like a good thing, it can be a problem when companies lose their distinctive appeal! Consumers regularly use words such as “Q-tips,” “Kleenex,” and “Post-Its” — all of which are registered trademarks — for products made by other companies. 

What happens to marketing efforts when these brand names go generic? Will consumers confuse the innovative product with cheaper alternatives? And can brands maintain their popularity when no one uses the name correctly? Read this article to learn about the top 10 brand names that went generic — and what marketers can learn from them. 

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