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Hello everyone, 
Happy September! It’s starting to feel like autumn here and we’ve got some really big news: we launched Hatchwise 3.0 yesterday and we are sure that you’ll love the new system as much as we do!

We’ve upgraded the whole user experience and made it easier than ever to start, run and enter a design or naming contest – it’s really awesome!

Please be sure to drop us a note if you see any issues or just want to send some congratulations along to our incredibly talented development team!

We’ve also got some major upgrades scheduled to roll out soon so keep an eye open.

Start or enter a contest today and let us know your thoughts about Hatchwise 3.0!

In this newsletter, we also have some fun blog posts, including a cool Featured Designer post that’s perfect if you need some Friday inspiration.

Have a great weekend! 

George Ryan 
…and the rest of the Hatchwise Team

Featured Design of the Week

We love this recent winning design, by Hatchwise creative Raymond. Not only is it a unique concept, but we love the color choice! 

Featured: From Designer to Wood Maker: The Story Behind Michael Osborne

It’s a good thing you’re such a good designer…you can’t do much else.” When someone said this to Michael Osborne, Michael was determined to prove this person wrong in his retirement. After closing Michael Osborne Design three years ago, Michael decided to take up woodworking. What he found was that much of his prior design skills were transferrable to this new field of art, so he began to teach himself how to carve spoons, knives, and other home products.

As a designer, Michael still saw things through an artistic lens, and since he already saw the beauty in wood, the design part came naturally to him.

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Featured Contest: Two Rivers Construction

This contest was run for a construction company that was looking for business cards for their new company. Two Rivers Construction does small construction jobs, carpentry, and mechanics. The client filled out a contest brief describing what they were looking for and Hatchwise creatives got to work on their entries. The client received many entries in their contest, with our creatives submitting a range of unique designs for them to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the top entries that were submitted and what the winning result was! 

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This contest was run on Hatchwise for a mobile coffee shop that caters to young professionals, teenagers, gen xers, and all ages of coffee and tea enthusiasts for a new logo. The client was looking for a modern, sleek, and minimalist new logo to give their company the lift that it needed. The client said that the previous design that they used for their company was too busy and this time they were looking for something on the simpler and more minimalist side. They wanted our creatives to get imaginative and create something unique. 

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Examples Of Brand Positioning And Why They Work

Brand positioning isn’t about tooting your own horn.  It’s about a company finding a place in the market that’s all their own.  The company creates a good slogan or tagline.  It develops a presentation method that puts the company in the proper light and gets people excited about their business and products.  Brand positioning is all about engaging with your customers.  The company that makes itself unique in the eyes of its patrons does so with a flair and style that resonates with them.  Every business wants to be remembered and admired.  Brand positioning is about the fulfillment of that desire.  When brand positioning is successful a company not only boosts sales; it develops a personality that makes it memorable.  People think and say the company’s name when a product is mentioned. They recall the company in a distinctive way and can’t wait to do business with it again and again.   

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