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Voting has officially opened for the 2021 Hatchies, so go vote for your favorite designs and watch the winners take home cash AND the admiration of all our community for an excellent design! 

Speaking of great designs-take a look at our Featured Design of the Week below. We really love this one! 

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Featured Design of the Week

Look at this beautiful design by Ethan that was selected as the winner for a recent Hatchwise contest! We love the colors in this one, as well as the design concept. Great job, Ethan! 

Featured: 11 Sustainable Brands To Support In 2021

Modern consumers care about how their spending habits impact the environment, with more than two-thirds of North American buyers reporting that they prefer to shop with sustainable brands. 

Many brands claim to be environmentally conscious, but true eco-friendly companies create sustainable products using ethically sourced products and responsible manufacturing practices. Some common initiatives that help set the top eco-friendly companies apart include B-Corporation certification and Carbon Neutral certification.

Our list of 11 sustainable brands not only creates useful products and services but have also gone above and beyond to commit to eco-friendly business practices and initiatives.

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The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have inspired millions around the globe to make the most of their situations and start their journey to success. From Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey, we’ve seen entrepreneurs who have risen to the top from their determination and risky business endeavors. But, indeed, entrepreneurship isn’t for all and it certainly isn’t for those faint of heart. 

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Tips For Effectively Managing Multi-Cultural Teams Remotely

All over the world pandemic has forced most teams to work remotely. This COVID influenced shift into remote working and the liberty to employ team members from various cultures has brought managers into managing a cross-cultural team. 

Although managing a cross-cultural team has its risks, but it can also be beneficial.

Managers who managed their team members physically will have to adjust their perception before handling their teams remotely. 

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These Email Marketing Trends Will Grow Your Business In 2021

Email is probably the Internet’s oldest form of communication that still has an enormous impact. While we may not be hanging out in newsgroups or sending IRC chats anymore, we continue to use email. It’s a way to share information and make connections, and most consumers don’t want their inbox to be crowded with sales pitches and special offers.

That’s why email marketers need to rethink the approach. As the world became increasingly virtual during the pandemic, everyone is looking for value in their online communications. Here’s how your email marketing can forge an authentic connection with your audience in 2021, leading to better brand loyalty and more sales.

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