Popular Construction Logo Designs and Trends

Construction is actually one of the fastest-growing markets in the country. The annual revenue for all construction companies in the United States in 2020 was nearly $1.75 trillion, meaning there’s plenty of room in the industry for growth and more competitors.

Competition is indeed stiff in this space, however, meaning your company needs to be ready on every front. You need a construction brand with a unified, distinct identity, and there are many ways to achieve this. You’ll need great customer service, plenty of digital marking savvy, and a great lead generation process. 

In addition to these, however, you’ll need something most people don’t typically think about when starting a business – you’ll need a great logo. Your logo will be the first impression you offer current and future customers, so it’s important to craft a logo that is sleek, unique, and impactful. You can start from scratch when trying to craft a new logo, or you can take inspiration from those already in the business. Here are six of the best construction logos in the industry at the moment.

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Wise Home Building

To start, we’ll check out a logo that uses minimalist principles and focuses on atmosphere and tone. Minimalist styles have been gaining traction for years in design, used primarily in film posters made by independent productions without the budget for a detailed, hyper-realistic depiction of their film. 

The trend is not associated with frugality, however, as much as it is cleverness, simplicity, and elegance. Many companies all over the country use minimalistic logos to convey the values and message of their brand quickly and effectively. This logo in particular conveys feelings of warmth and coziness.

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The Gutter Guy

One of the most important functions of a logo accurately conveys what your company does and the way it does it. This logo is cartoony and cheerful but still offers an accurate depiction of the construction services The Gutter Guy provides. You can use simple line art like this with a few minor alterations to make your customers feel comfortable and cheerful. 

Line art may seem childlike at the outset, but it’s a style that’s being associated with business at a rapid pace, especially over the last few years. There’s nothing wrong with making your customers feel cherished and childlike, especially for an intimidating profession such as construction.

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Concrete Caulking

Here’s another style which has grown in popularity over the last several years. Stacking letters is a great method to drive the idea that your business is bold and distinctive. The design is clean and sleek, direct and straight to the point, just like your business. 

This logo makes people feel like they’re in the right hands, driving trust and familiarity with your customers. It’s a professional and hard lined approach which makes customers feel valued and positions your company in a light that says, “we value your time and take your problems seriously.”

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Frontline Roofing

Another sleek logo – as is the style these days – this Frontline Roofing logo also utilizes the traditional rooftop design many construction companies use. Like the Wise Home Building logo, this company’s logo builds warmth and comfort in the minds of its customers. It adds to this by shifting the O in Frontline into a target, which conveys accuracy and precision. 

This company knows what it’s doing and can consistently deliver quality results over the course of its busines with its customers. It is focused and single minded, catering to the needs of its clients and delivering on time and with an eye toward quality and consistency. The bright orange in the last letter also attracts the eye to the logo, making it stand out.

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Ennis Roofing

Warmth and comfort are great, but Ennis chose a different route entirely when choosing its logo. They employed the use of skyscraper silhouettes, mixing in a touch of grandeur and prestige to their business. The skyscrapers dwarf the house, in fact, conveying a message of confidence and scope in the company’s outlook. 

Their services will protect you from the elements and nestle your house in the scenery of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Like many construction logos, the last letter is orange to attract the eye to allow people to focus on the logo as a whole. Overall, this is a stunning logo of power and self-assured work ethic and quality.

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CWS Constructions

Finally, we arrive back at a simplified logo. Although this logo is not boisterous or flashy, it does convey a nice sense of city life and the general sense of construction through cities all across the country. In addition, it also calls to attention the city where CWS is based, Seattle.

If your company is just local, or even just citywide as opposed to nationally known, you can employ this same clever tactic. Convey the sense of the city where your business is located, giving your customers a sense of homeliness, and conveying that you know the city like no other company.

Final Thoughts

There’s really no wrong answer when choosing your logo. As long as you choose an element or theme to convey, and appropriately convey it to current and potential customers, you’ll have chosen a great and effective logo.

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