Amazing Results Brings A Loyal Hatchwise Customer Back for Another Logo


“To be able to see all of these different designs, and have revisions and edits, that’s an incredible value. “


Tessa Witmer – Upshot Architecture

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Entrepreneur, Tessa Witmer, chatted about her experience with Hatchwise.

Entrepreneur, Tessa Witmer, chatted about her experience with Hatchwise.

As the owner of several businesses, Tessa needed help with logos but wanted to stay within her budget. After hearing about Hatchwise through a friend, she decided to give it a shot with a logo contest for her husband’s architecture firm, Upshot Architecture.

She entered the contest anticipating budget logos for the low budget price. At that point, the budget was the priority and she assumed she would have to sacrifice a bit of quality. She never expected to fall in love with so many of the logo entries. Not only did Tessa receive plenty of high quality designs, there were so many favorites she had a hard time choosing just one as her final winner.


Tessa was hooked. She couldn’t wait to come back and start her next logo contest.

“40 Designers That Are All Pitching In And Working On Creating A Logo For You For $99 Is Like A No-Brainer Really.”

Tessa and her husband are busy entrepreneurs, running multiple companies. Tessa takes care of business for Spruce Property Care, and Bozeman Guesthouse, while her husband stays busy with his business, Upshot Architecture.

We had a great experience with Hatchwise when we developed a logo for my husband’s architecture business, so when we needed a new logo for Spruce Property Care, I knew immediately that we were going to use Hatchwise for it.

Tessa Witmer - Upshot Architecture

With both of them working to keep their businesses running smoothly, they are thrilled when they discover a business that produces quality results in a reliable way.


It is rare that they have felt comfortable allowing another company to complete important tasks, but they were more than happy to entrust their logo design to Hatchwise, so they could focus more of their energy on building their businesses.

“Hatchwise absolutely
exceeded my expectations.“

After completing two logo contests with Hatchwise, Tessa felt the quality of the results each time was exceptional, and far exceeded her expectations.


She tells us that the contest saved her and her husband a lot of time and money. Tessa has tried a little bit of everything when it comes to logo design. She has gone the DIY route with software, worked with a pricey designer for a previous logo, and even tried a hybrid approach, buying a ready-made logo off of a marketplace and personalizing it herself.


She finally turned to Hatchwise to get the results she needed.

Knowing you were going to get a lot of different people to all contribute to your project was really appealing. With traditional design you are committing to one designer before you really know what they have to offer you.

Tessa Witmer - Upshot Architecture

For anyone not sure if they should give Hatchwise logo contests a shot, Tessa highly recommends it

Try it out! If you find something that you like for $99, then you’ve just saved yourself a lot of money.

Tessa Witmer - Upshot Architecture

We enjoyed catching up with Tessa and are excited to see her family’s businesses grow! We can’t wait to bring her next creative vision to life!

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