From PowerPoint to Professional: Mark Snyder’s Hatchwise Experience

From PowerPoint to Professional: Mark Snyder’s Hatchwise Experience

I’ve actually used Hatchwise all the way back to, oh my, I think the early ones were like in the early teens. I was also using Hatchwise for some other startups in the past. And I just love the experience.


Mark Synder – Verde Terra

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Mark Snyder, the CEO and founder of Verde Terra, recently sat down with us to share his experience using Hatchwise to design several logos for his startups.

Mark Snyder, the CEO and founder of Verde Terra, recently sat down with us to share his experience using Hatchwise to design several logos for his startups.

At his latest venture, Verde Terra, Mark develops the kind of solutions “that can make a really positive impact in our world, specifically addressing key topics around climate change and health.”

Mark has been using Hatchwise since the early 2010s and absolutely loves the platform’s interactive design contest format. Since Mark has quite a bit of experience working with Hatchwise at this point, we asked him to share his thoughts on our crowdsourced creative contests!

“Hatchwise is my choice”

Before connecting with Hatchwise, Mark had already tested out a couple of paths to getting the logos he needed. He tried the DIY route using standard design tools like PowerPoint. He had even looked into the possibility of hiring a freelance designer.


Unfortunately, none of these solutions offered a good fit for his business needs. The DIY path was far too time-consuming and didn’t always produce professional results. A professional design team was hard to squeeze into a startup budget, and the quality he was seeing from working directly with freelancers was a bit spotty.

As far as money is concerned, I’d imagine if I went out and tried to have this level of quality design replicated in a private marketing firm or a development firm, Hatchwise would have definitely saved me money, because there would have to be a lot of iterations and a lot of types of design to try to reach what I came to Hatchwise, and doing that with a single firm would have been cost prohibitive.

Thanks Mark Snyder - Verde Terra

When Mark discovered Hatchwise he knew he was finally on the right track. The platform’s contest format was particularly appealing, offering him the ability to filter & rank early results and provide feedback that would influence later entries.

I liked the fact that I was able to set up a contest for a myriad of people and then the interaction component of that as well. It wasn’t just here’s a prompt, taking solicitations. Everything was displayed there. Everybody could see each other’s designs coming in. So when I would make comments on one design, other designers could see that and feed on that. And you could basically steer the design direction throughout the contest just by making comments on certain submissions.

Thanks Mark Snyder - Verde Terra

Mark has now run several successful design contests on the Hatchwise platform, gathering more than 50 fresh logo design concepts with each contest, and producing some of his favorite logo designs, including Verde Terra’s current intertwined capital “V’ and “T” design.

“I Would Recommend
Hatchwise 100%”

Hatchwise and Mark Snyder have been a great match so far, so great in fact, that he has been sharing his favorite new design secret with others.



We wrapped up our chat by asking Mark what he might say about Hatchwise if he was asked by an interested colleague or customer looking for a great logo design.

Mark shared
the following sage advice:

Hop on there and take a look at it for yourself. Look at some of the open contests that are out there and you’ll see what some of the submissions look like. I would recommend it 100%. I would say absolutely go for it, give it a shot. I don’t think there’s a better platform out there, especially when we were talking about logo design. So I would recommend it entirely to everybody to give it a shot and at least go in and look at it for yourself, I think you’ll be impressed enough to go for it.

Mark Snyder - Verde Terra

Thanks Mark! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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