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Hi everyone! We love this colorful logo designed for a golf training aid tool. Excellent job, lannalaine!

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The Complete History Of The Dreamworks Logo

The DreamWorks logo is one of the most recognizable brand marks in the entertainment industry, appearing at the beginning of some of the biggest animated films of the past two decades.

The logo’s iconic image of a boy sitting on a crescent moon, fishing for stars with a pole, has been etched in the minds of audiences across the globe. But how did this logo come to be? In this article, we will dive into the history of the DreamWorks logo and explore its evolution over the years.

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Featured Design Contest: Calhoun Family Signing Agents

You know that a good logo is foundational in building a great brand. In fact, just about any brand is impossible to think about without its logo. But what if you’re not really interested in creating a full-blown brand? What if you just want a logo that lets people know you’re there? Something that will look good on a business card or letterhead so folks remember you?
Today’s featured design contest shows this principle at work. Hatchwise client MCCalhoun wanted a logo for a loan signing agency. 

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Featured Design Contest: Backyard Life Designs

At Hatchwise, our team is always excited to review contests and look at the entries our talented creatives submit. Our staff has a deep appreciation for design work and truly enjoys seeing high-quality work, so seeing the many diverse designs that our creatives submit is always a highlight of the workday. We understand that it would be selfish to keep these beautiful designs to ourselves, so we always take the chance to share them with others. 

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History of the Warner Brothers Logo

Warner Brothers is one of the world’s most famous mass media corporations. It was established in 1923 and is most well-known for its cinematography and film division. The company operates across the globe and has a yearly revenue of roughly $15 billion. 

With such an impressive reach, the Warner Brothers logo has also become one of the most recognizable symbols associated with movies and television. While there has been a predominant logo during most of its history, there have actually been several versions of the emblem that have overlapped with each other.

Let’s take a look at the many iterations of the Warner Brothers logo and the main icon they use today to represent their brand.

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