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The Complete History Of The Taco Bell Logo

Ask most Americans to start listing all the fast-food chains they could think of, and Taco Bell would probably be in the first five. According to the Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report conducted by Technomic, it is currently the fourth-largest fast-food chain in the country.

It’s impossible to think of Taco Bell without calling to mind the brand’s distinctive logo. However, the Mission-style bell that makes your mouth start to water at the thought of Mexican-inspired fast food wasn’t introduced until more than 30 years after the company was initially founded.

So what did the Taco Bell logo originally look like? And why and how did it change? Learn more about the evolution of Taco Bell’s logo below.

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Featured Design Contest: Indiana Soap Supply

In those few split seconds that a potential customer looks at your logo, it’s important to draw them in. You want a logo that is eye-catching, informational, unique, and memorable. We know that may seem like a lot to ask for, but we promise it’s possible to create a logo that is all of that and more. 
Indiana Soap Supply is a recent client of Hatchwise and a client who found a winning logo in no time. Keep reading below to learn more about Indiana Soap Supply’s experience with Hatchwise. 
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Featured Design Contest: Consensual Improv

One of Hatchwise’s recent logo contests was for a company called Consensual Improv. Consensual Improv was on the hunt for a new logo and that is just what they left Hatchwise with. After receiving more than 580 entries, Consensual Improv found exactly what they were searching for. 

Want to learn more about Consensual Improv’s experience? If so, you came to the right place. Below we take a deeper dive into their experience with Hatchwise.

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The Complete History Of The Chelsea Logo

One of the most notable clubs in the UK is the Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea’s fans are loyal, and Chelsea’s team consists of players that are some of the best athletes in the sport. What goes hand in hand with every great sports team though, is a great, familiar logo – and that is just what Chelsea has. 

Whether the logo is printed on a football jersey, a baseball cap, a t-shirt, or a billboard, the club’s logo is recognized by fans near and far. This logo has become the face of this club’s brand and if you’re interested in learning more about how the Club was able to do this, then you’ll want to keep reading. Throughout this article, we’ll explore how the Club was established and how this iconic logo came to be.

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