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 The History of the Autobots Logo

If you have children, they likely have at least one transformer toy, or if you grew up any time after 1984, you likely remember at least one transformer from your childhood. So, even if you aren’t a fan of the Transformers franchise yourself, you will likely still recognize the logo and the brand.

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12 Business Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

While Cisco, Eventbrite, Orange Theory Fitness, 23andMe, and Bumble all sound like a random list of companies when grouped together, they all have one thing in common.  They are all billion-dollar businesses that were founded by women.

If you look deeper into the tales of these “girl bosses,” you’ll find stories of drive, determination, and support. While those three traits are what each of the above founders exhibited as they broke into the male-dominated startup world, the support piece is a newer concept. 

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The History Of The American Airlines Logo

American Airlines is an airline with one of the strongest visual identities of all time. Their logo is a classic one, a prime example of a logo with a strong history of greatness and standing for an airline that’s used by millions. They have a fresh and modern logo that has become a signature part of not only their brand but their history and where they come from. Their logo is how the airlines are identified and, with it being printed on planes flying across the globe, it was more important than ever that they had a logo that made an impression.

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Make Your Brand Go Viral With These Easy Tips

What’s a great way to get more people to discover your company? Go Viral! When your content goes viral you quickly start to see an increased following, more traffic clicking through to your website, and usually more sales. But it’s not the easiest thing to do. With these tips, we guide you through planning your content with the best chance of making your business go viral!

Viral marketing seemingly happens overnight. Something compelling is posted and it suddenly spreads all over the globe. Of course, you want your business to be successful in the viral world. You may have tried to create viral content and are amazed at how difficult it can be to make something catch on.

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