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I hope your Autumn has been going well, things have been moving right along here at Hatchwise headquarters; we’ve got dozens of fun, interestingengaging design and naming contests ready for you to enter, thousands of designers and namers standing by for your next creative project, and interestinginformative articles on our blog and in our learning center.

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Featured Design of the Week

We love this CD cover design submitted to a current Hatchwise contest by Art Dent. The design concept is, “What We See is Often Not What is Really There“, and we think this hits the nail on the head! 

The History of the Hot Wheels Logos

The Hot Wheels brand is synonymous with hot rods! And this isn’t just for kids. The brand began, and has continued to use, a logo that was all about excitement, speed, and fun! But its design has always been flawless.  It’s legible and just the sight of it brings adults all over back to their childhood.

Founded in 1968, the brand began with a symbol in red, orange, white, and black that seemed to be on fire, and right in the center was the popular toy car brand name.  It only lasted a year before it was revamped, but it always maintained the same spirit in its design. Here, we travel back in time, reviewing all the successful logos and bring you up to date with the latest design.

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Featured Contest: Lotus Active Health

This recent logo design contest for Lotus Active Health saw a vast number of unique entries submitted by our creatives.

In the contest brief, the client described their business as;

Studio for aerial sports, namely pole, and hoop, besides stretching, strength and conditioning, and pole dance, gives an accent on health and movement. For both women and men, any age group (I’m currently an instructor for adults, but plan to do classes for children in the future)

They said that they were thinking of a graceful silhouette for the design, with a minimalist and simple design. 

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Featured Contest: Mascot Design For Service Business

We always see a range of creative contests that are run here at Hatchwise, ranging in the type of contest and the entries that are submitted to the contest. This specific contest was for a business that was looking for a mascot for their company. According to their brief, they described their business as, “We are a service business that provides sales services for commission. For example – if you want to get your product on the shelves in Whole Foods, we will pitch the buyer on your behalf. If the buyer likes it you will soon be on shelves in all their stores.” 

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Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Brand

Just like if you worked in retail, food service, beauty, wellness, or another service industry, your marketing presence as a real estate brand is important. With any of those careers, your prime concern is likely growing your brand and increasing your target audience. And with real estate, this has never been truer after this past year when the housing market boomed and the list of agents that buyers and sellers could work with grew immensely. 

When it comes to real estate, everyone that you meet can be a current, or future, client. It doesn’t matter if your business is only a few employees or a larger corporation, branding is important. Your marketing strategy needs to be more than just a logo, it needs to consist of a wide array of moving parts because when your marketing strategy is widespread, the reach you have grows. And this reach is so crucial to your business’s growth and success. 

Read on below to learn four marketing tips that can help you grow your real estate brand!

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