What Makes A Logo Trendy?

Logo trends are fabulous; they’re unique, creative and set the tone for the design industry each year. To make a trendy logo, a logo that fits with the times and will be classy, you have to be caught up with the current trends going on. After what started as what some may call a rocky start to a new decade, the slate was wiped clean this year with fresh logo design trends. We’ve seen some of the best logo trends so far this year that certainly make up for last year when the design industry, although thriving, was still on rocky terrain. 

Although there were some pretty cool design trends last year, they were dominated by the pandemic, as was all of our lives. This year, the world was looking forward to seeing some fresh artwork on branding that didn’t have to do with the pandemic that drastically affected our lives last year. If you’re looking for a trendy and classic logo, you need to know the current trends. Let’s take a look at these current design trends! 

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The Classic Black And White Logo Design

Perhaps the simplest logos, but they’re also the most classic logos of all time. Black and white logos are a classic trend that many companies use when they want to bring their brand back to the basics. A signature white and black logo is classy, elegant, and trendy. Black and white logos are modern, minimalistic, and clean and give that feeling to the brand that they’re displaying. 

Black and white logos is a major trend that hasn’t gone anywhere in the past years and we don’t see going anywhere going forward. This trend is especially popular with car brands to inspire a clean and minimalist look while still having a big impact. We’ve seen many businesses opting for a clean black and white logos for their brand. 

Gradient Logos 

Certainly not a new trend but one that is coming back with more force and love than it previously had, gradient logos are back and here to stay. Gradient logos are the type of logo that people either love or hate, there’s really no medium in between. If you have the wrong graphic designer screwing up your project and not using gradients correctly they can look tacky and outdated. 

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But, with the right graphic designer that tackles your project, you can get a fairly awesome logo. Think of the Facebook Messenger logo or the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite logo; they’re two gradient logos that were designed well and look trendy. So far, gradients have been thriving this year and have made a comeback stronger than ever before. 

Stained Glass Logos 

As we know, graphic design often gets inspiration from the past and history of logo design trends. One of these trends that’s especially sparked and one of the most successful trends this year is stained glass windows of the Dark Ages as inspiration. Many graphic designers are using this as inspiration for their logo designs. 

Although one of the more unusual trends that we’ve seen, this trend is artistic and edgy trends this year. Using a stained glass effect in modern designs gives an ordinary look while also having a touch of abstract art to it. These stained glass windows have a bit of nature incorporated in them, giving logos a fresh and eco-friendly look. 

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3D Logos 

Okay, maybe not a new logo trend, but this logo trend did take off this year as we’ve never seen before. 3D logos have been around for years, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t gotten some upgrades lately. With the new technology and advancements, 3D logo designs are being taken to the next level by graphic designers. For businesses, having a logo with depth, highlights, and shadows can completely take your level to new heights. 

Nowadays, there are hundreds of logos all over and on different marketing material everywhere, so you have to stand out. This design trend will give you a trendy logo that will stand out from the crowd and give your logo life. By using this trend to create a 3D logo you can create something magical for your brand. Trust us, this logo will keep your audience staring and remembering your brand.

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