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How To Make Money On YouTube

Do you know that over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched a day? Did you know that on Ryan’s Toy Review, young Ryan makes 22 million for reviewing toys? Seems insane, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! With the right tools and audience, anyone can make money on YouTube! This article is filled with ways that you can get started with making money on YouTube, check it out to learn how! 

You may associate YouTube with the long hours spent watching cat videos or product reviews, but for others, it’s a way to make money.  Although the idea of becoming a professional YouTuber may seem fun at first, there’s much more to it than merely creating videos for users to watch. 

There’s no promise that becoming a professional YouTuber and the hours that you’ll put in will pay off, but if you’re serious about it there’s a chance for everyone. In fact, people make more than you would think off YouTube if they put enough effort in. Everyone has the opportunity to be successful on the platform. 

The question is where to get started. Here are all the basics that you need to know when getting started with making money on Youtube. 

Amazon Influencer 

Becoming an Amazon influencer may not seem like the best option, but it’s become more popular and could be the perfect fit. The program allows you to maximize your social media presence and make money by Amazon recommendations. Once you’ve joined the program, you review products, recommend them to your audience and instruct them to buy them through affiliate links. 

If they use your link to purchase the product, you’ll receive a commission. The one thing to note about this program is that, although a good one, it isn’t open to everyone. Specific programs have stipulations before you can qualify for them. This is usually based on the social media follower count and other stipulations. 


For a lot of YouTubers, ads are their main source of revenue and there’s a good reason why. Becoming a YouTube Partner allows you opportunities to make money in more than just a few ways. A few of these are making money from ads before your videos, Google AdSense Banners, or channel memberships. 

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to do some work and have built a substantial platform and following before you can go down this path. YouTube has quite a few strict rules before you can join and once you do join they have more. It’s important that you do your research before deciding to go with this program, but if you qualify it may be a good opportunity. 

Sell Products 

Have a service or products relevant to what your audience likes to see? You can make money on YouTube from that too! By letting your audience know about your products, you can then add links to videos and your audience can purchase them. 

Selling physical products can be quite a bit of work, but it’s worth it if you have an audience that’s genuinely interested in buying. However, if you already have an audience and have built a brand for yourself, you can create products relevant to your brand and sell them. 

YouTube SEO 

This one you may already be doing, but you need to get even more serious about. When first starting with YouTube, it’s important that you’re maximizing YouTube SEO and do your research. Once you’ve done your YouTube SEO and ensured that it’s included in your video tags, description, and video title you’ll be able to see stats for it. 

YouTube allows you to check and see your report to know what people are searching for when they find your video. You can do this by going to your YouTube “Traffic Source: YouTube Search” report. 

How Much Money Do You Make With YouTube? 

The real question that everyone wants an answer to; how much money do you make with YouTube? This answer varies for everyone. For those truly invested in making YouTube their career and the ones that are most popular on the platform, they can make a million or more per year. 

However, this doesn’t mean the same for everyone. YouTube is constantly changing, as is the amount of revenue you can make from the platform. When you’re first getting started, begin with the basics and work your way up. The larger your platform and the more popular you are on the platform, the more you can make. The key is to build your audience and getting started. 

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