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Featured Design Contest: Green Fox Commercial Cleaning -Cleaning Company Logo

What do McDonald’s, Nike, and Amazon all have in common? They all have highly recognizable logos that you can likely recall at any point in time, no matter where you are.

When you think about your dream logo for your brand, chances are that your dream logo is one that will be just as memorable as those logos at some point in time.

While this may seem like a distant pipe dream, creating a memorable logo is possible with companies like Hatchwise. Hatchwise allows you to input your logo wish list and then they handle the rest. Once you fill out your creative brief, Hatchwise’s team of creatives will get to work designing logos for you to review.

One of Hatchwise’s recent clients is Green Fox Commercial Cleaning. Read about their experience using Hatchwise’s logo contest platform below.

What Was Requested

Green Fox Commercial Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company based in Erie and Boulder, Colorado. Green Fox Commercial Cleaning prides itself on using sustainable cleaning products and providing customers with a user-friendly application to request services. Through this application, clients can easily request and adjust their cleaning needs based on their changing needs.

When filling out the brief, the client shared that its target audience is small businesses and that the prominent color they were looking for in a logo was green. The client went on to request that any design that is submitted should also include a fox, but that they were also open to anything “Colorado” related (such as a mountain landscape). While the client shared that they were open to reviewing designs with all these components, they also shared that they like simple designs.

The final details Green Fox Commercial Cleaning included were around where the logo would be used. The client plans to use the winning design online, in print, on merchandise, and signage, so it was essential for it to be highly versatile.

Below we take a closer look at some of the designs that were top contenders for the logo contest, as well as the winning design – all submitted by creatives at Hatchwise.

A Few Entry Comparisons

#1696884 by ulasalus

This first entry that we’re highlighting is a highly versatile logo that can be scaled up or down no matter what medium it would need to be printed on.

This logo still incorporates a playful fox design without compromising professionalism. The designer opted to use the fox to convey the focus of the brand, outfitting the fox with a mop and dressing him up in cleaning gloves many of us wear to clean.

Rather than sticking to green, the designer also utilized white, blue, gray, and yellow to complete the logo design. 

#1698051 by apmcdesigner

This design stands out for the powerful bold company name, and the green fox figure. The fox is depicted as a cleaning professional with a bucket, bubbles, broom, and mop.

At first glance, it’s easy to know what the company is focused on. The designer did choose other contrasting colors like green, yellow, and white, but the green color is the most prominent.

The components of this logo together convey a playful sense and it captures your attention. 

#1698367 by seven.seconds

This logo is more corporate than some of the other submissions, while still including several of the components outlined in the creative brief.

The designer played up the word “FOX” making this the prominent part of the logo. This was part of the logo that incorporated the requested green color, as well as the requested fox character.

What also makes this logo stand out is the usage of three different fonts. While there are three separate fonts, all three work together. 

#1697006 by logohub

This logo design is more playful than other submissions. This designer opted to embrace the fox character and portray him as a cleaning superhero.

The front is also rounded and youthlike and all around this logo screams “fun.” This logo has a lot going on, which may have been why it wasn’t the winning design, but this was a nice point of comparison for the client to review. 

#1696071 by ellora

This submission was designed with a circle emblem. Seeing a logo within this shape helps to visualize how it would scale up or down on different mediums.

Unlike other submissions, this design incorporated both a fox and the Colorado mountain landscape. Green is heavily incorporated but the only thing that this logo struggles to do is convey the focus of the business at first glance. 

#1695920 by Krazykjb05

This logo design is a clean take on everything outlined in the design brief. Every feature and line of this logo is sharp and clean, without compromising what the client requested.

This designer also included a green fox and the tie-in to the company comes with what the fox is holding, a mop.

The font choice is professional, helping convey the message that this is a professional cleaning company. 

#1695791 by DORIANA999

This submission was another attempt to combine elements of Colorado with the business focus. What this logo does though is not overwhelming the design with its elements.

Everything flows together without the logo being overpowering if it were to be scaled up or down.

Green is the prominent color and like other submissions, the fox is outfitted with cleaning supplies to convey what Green Fox’s business is all about. 

#1695825 by Mrs. DC

This designer included a few different mockups of the same design so the client could visualize how the logo would look on different backgrounds and mediums.

This logo is focused on the green fox, as well as the “Green Fox” typography. Other designers elected to give the fox cartoon features whereas this designer opted to keep the fox as an outline, giving the logo a more mature feel. 

#1695781 by sirtwo

Instead of combining the Colorado mountain landscape with the fox figure, this designer opted to place these two graphics side by side, almost making it look like two separate logos.

What ties this together though is the color scheme and the font with the typography, as well as the font on the emblem on the fox’s overalls.

This logo gives the client a different take on what they requested and served as a nice comparison against other entries. 

The Winning Design

#1697336 by ArtDevil

After receiving 62 entries, the client awarded this design by ArtDevil as the winning submission and ArtDevil was awarded $150.

What made this logo stand out from the other submissions was the four different mockups the designer provided, as well as the close attention this designer paid to the creative brief. Another defining, different characteristic is the shape of the logo.

This logo is almost a diamond shape, which is a highly versatile shape. Additionally, even with different color backgrounds, green is still the prominent color, and your eye goes straight to the fox figure holding a mop.

Ultimately this logo design was exactly what Green Fox Commercial Cleaning was looking for and after the duration of the contest, the client has a new logo they can now use!

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