Logo Design Case Study: Apliko – Start-Up Logo

A client recently started a new contest on Hatchwise, looking for a new logo for their company; Apliko

According to their contest brief, they are “Apliko is a Web3 start-up with the mission of building the next-generation talent platform. We aim to create a positive-sum job search process and revolutionize the global ways of working through our use of crypto, blockchain and machine learning.

Check it out at http://apliko.io

In their brief, the client requested that the design had the following:

We’re keeping it very open. We’ve so far usually had designs involving a favicon using an A s.t. we can write “pliko” next to it for the logo. Since this is going to involve a cryptocurrency, the emblem/favicon needs to make sense inside a coin/circle encasing.

However, we are by no means constraining or even sold on the idea the favicon involving the letter A. Plenty of crypto emblems are standalone with no relationship to any of the letters.

A Few Of The Entries Submitted To The Contest

This first entry uses orange and a dark grey on a white background with the orange standing out in contrast to the background. This logo is both simple and elegant, creatively showing the company name and then a unique design that combines both colors above the name. 

This second logo is shown in dark green on a white background. This uses a minimalistic and clean font in all capital letters. The design shows the company name in the clean letters below a simple design also shown in green on a white background. The design is centered above the word and all parts of the design tie in well together. 

This design opts to branch out from usual color choices and instead goes with orange and light blue on a white background. The logo concept is unique while still doing an excellent job at giving the business personality. 

In this design concept, we see the company name in a simple font with a design above it. The name is in a dark blue with a rounded and clean font and above it, there’s a design in a few different shades of blue. The design is shown on a white background so that the shades of blue stand out and pair well together. 

This design opts to use a few different colors for the concept, with the main color choice being grey. Almost all of the company name is in a dark grey with a design used for part of the ‘A’ at the beginning and here we see blue, red, and orange used for the design. Below the company name is the company tagline also shown in orange on a white background. 

The Result 

After the client reviewed all the entries submitted to the contest they chose a winning entry to use as their new logo for their company. This design shows the company name and a design above it in blue on a black background. This concept is unique and although it keeps things simple and clean it also has a more complex structure that gives the design personality and suits the company perfectly. 

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