Logo Design Case Study: Spider Thermo – Product Company Logo

A client recently started a new contest on Hatchwise, looking for a new logo for their company.

According to their contest brief, they are “a company that designs, manufactures, and markets professional, medical, industrial, and commercial products and services“.

They planned to use the winning design online (website, Facebook etc.), in print, and on merchandise.

A Few Of The Entries Submitted 

As the contest progressed, it saw a variety of fun and creative entries that included unique elements. The ones shown below, although not the winning design chosen, are what the client reviewed. While keeping the client’s request in mind Hatchwise creatives managed to bring individual personality and uniqueness to each entry. 

This entry shows both the company name and a design that features a spider on a web. The design incorporates an orange and yellow color scheme while also including white and grey into it. The design is simple while keeping things sophisticated and classy overall. 

This second entry submitted by one of our Hatchwise creatives opts to use a few different colors on a white background. It shows the company’s name to the right of a creative design that uses a few bright colors. Over the ‘I’ we see a spider crawling upwards and the design includes red, blue, green, yellow, and black on a white background. 

This option uses darker colors instead, making an impression instantly when you see it for the first time. The main focus here is the spider design in the center with the company name below it. The letters and the design are both in blue and grey on a black background. This makes sure that the design stands out and is right in the center. 

This option is simple and opts to only include two colors. It has a clean white background and shows a spider and its web above the company name in black. Overall the design keeps things simplistic and classy and uses a thin font to keep things classy and to the point.  

The Result 

We saw quite a turnout for this contest and the client took the time to review all the incredible concepts submitted, before deciding on a winning entry!

The winning design is shown above and was entered in the contest by Hatchwise creative, MuhammadR. This logo concept represents the company well and will now be used as the client’s new logo. 

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