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FEATURED Logo Design Of The Week

Not all logo contests are for a new design. This winning design was a holiday upgrade for a client’s existing logo.

Great job, gembelengan!

The History Of The Ghostbusters Logo

Today Ghostbusters is a multibillion-dollar franchise that not only has investments but also is known very well in the movie industry. This franchise hasn’t only played an impact on those who have seen the movies but it’s also set the path for movies that have come after it and the special effects that have been used on them. 

If you’re interested in learning about the history of the Ghostbusters logo and how far it’s come from where it started and how it’s impacted movies that have come after then read on. 

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The 7 Colors Of The Rainbow In Graphic Design

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet; the colors of the rainbow. Looking at these colors, we can better understand how to use colors to evoke emotions in our audience. As a graphic designer, understanding colors and how which colors you choose for your designs can impact your audience can be crucial. Even more, understanding different colors and tones can help you display your work in a way that will help you be able to do your job better and give satisfactory results to clients. 

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Popular Communities For Entrepreneurs

Some of the best resources you have as an entrepreneur are the online communities focused on entrepreneurship. In many of these communities, you have the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn their tips and tricks to get you to where you want. Other communities involve an education focus and others are even for socializing with like-minded people. 

Here are just some of the best online communities for entrepreneurs and what they offer you. 

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The History of the Yeezy Logo

When it comes to fashion, our shoes are a core part of pulling an outfit together. Kanye West is no stranger to pushing the envelope with his style and that is evident in his designs as he launched the Yeezy brand in 2009. While his designs are often futuristic and unique, he always includes more neutral designs or color schemes as well, to ensure his designs are appealing to his entire customer base. 

How you spot a Yeezy sneaker is through the Yeezy logo. The Yeezy logo has formed a strong brand recognition across the world, but how did the Yeezy brand come to be? 

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