Everything That You Need To Know About Trademarking A Logo

Trademarking your logo is an essential part of ensuring your company’s safety and is a process that will require expert legal assistance. Although the process of understanding how to trademark a logo can be difficult and at times daunting, we’re here to help guide you through the process. Once getting started, trademarking your logo is a fairly easy process that gets a little easier with every logo. 

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of what trademarking a logo is, why it’s important, and most importantly, how you can do it. If you stick along, you’ll be an expert on the basics of trademarking your logo and know everything you need to know by the end of this article. 

What Is A Trademark

To protect your intellectual property you should trademark your work. What is a trademark? It can be a word, name, symbol, and of course a logo. It’s what represents your company, so remember it takes time and money to develop a company’s logo so it’s important to make sure you protect its reputation. A trademark is not needed nor is it required but it has great benefits for your company. It represents your business and it also is recognizable by your customers and it’s what makes your business stand out from others.

Why Is Trademarking A Logo Important? 

There are advantages to trademarking a logo and long-term benefits that will help you and your business. Trademarking your logo makes it so no one can use your design without permission and if they do you can take legal action against them. If your logo is not trademarked you couldn’t do anything about it and you don’t have much of a case. Basically, it’s protecting your brand and will help you and your company in the long run. 

Who Owns A Logo Trademark?

Who owns a logo trademark? It depends. if you design it then you do, but if you pay a graphic designer to create it for you then it belongs to the graphic designer until it is transferred to you after you purchase it from them. There should be a transfer agreement from both parties; whoever owns the trademark gets to decide where the logo will appear and how it is updated or used. This is why it’s important to clearly communicate with a graphic designer about the terms of the deal before you pay them to create a logo. 

In Conclusion 

At this point, you should have learned everything you need to know about trademarking a logo and why it is an important aspect of your company. Although trademarking your logo isn’t an easy process, if you follow the rules given above you can feel confident in your knowledge of trademarking a logo. 

The main thing to remember that if you created the logo the rights are automatically yours, but if you hired a graphic designer to design the logo for you you will need to have proof that you agreed to the design rights being transferred to you. Trademarking a logo ensures that you have all rights to a logo and it legally belongs to you. 

If you’re a graphic designer then you want to ensure that all work in the design is 100% your own. That will prevent copyright infringement. If you’re a business owner you want to make sure that, regardless of where you had the logo created, you need all the correct files. Although this may not feel like a threat now, there’s a possibility that down the road it could be a threat. As a brand, you want to keep your company’s best interest in mind and that starts with making sure that not only do you have a great design but that it is trademarked.

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