How to Get The Most Out of Your Hatchwise Experience

Here at Hatchwise, we have worked hard to make available to our customers resources that they can use for their benefit. In case you’ve missed out on some of those, and haven’t had the opportunity to use them yet, we created this blog post, compiling a list of them all.

Without further ado, let’s dive into all the resources that can help you get the most out of your Hatchwise experience. 

How It Works 

Get to know the process quickly by visiting our ‘How It Works’ page. We’ve created an efficient way for you to understand our process and be able to navigate our site without difficulty by giving you a quick run over on the logistics of Hatchwise. We’ll walk you through the six easy steps from when you first sign up until you receive your final winning entry. 

The Hatchwise Learning Center 

We wanted our customers to have a space that was available to help them with all their needs whether design, web, naming, entrepreneurship, or directly Hatchwise related. In The Hatchwise Resource and Learning Center, we give tips on everything business-related. We believe that you can never add too much to your knowledge bank. 

We also have a section that is full of articles detailing some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at Hatchwise. This makes it easy for customers to quickly find an answer to any question they may have about our process or what to expect after signing up with Hatchwise. The section is filled with over thirty articles that go into depth about any questions you may have about Hatchwise. 

The remaining articles are divided into sections so that you can easily navigate which ones you’re looking for. We have a section focused on Graphic and Web Design where you’ll find articles that talk about various kinds of graphic and web design. You can learn about logos, social media graphics, typography, and more in this section! 

The Naming and Branding category is there for all your needs when it comes to a brand that you’re proud to display. We’ll give you tips for creating a captivating newsletter, ideas for choosing a killer business name as well helping you choose the best tagline for your company! 

The remaining two sections let you in on all the secrets of the business world that you’ve been missing out on. You don’t have to be a client with Hatchwise to take advantage of the articles in the resource center. All are free to browse the library of articles to add to their knowledge bank! Whether you’re looking for an interesting business read to breeze through on your lunch break or have a specific question, the resource center is available for all. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Before reaching out to the Hatchwise Support Team, take a look at our FAQs page. We have a list of frequently asked questions that have been broken down into three sections for you to easily find the question on your mind. We know that the details of crowdsourcing creative work involve a lot of parts, so we created a list of the questions that we’ve seen more commonly asked. If you don’t find the answer to your question on our FAQ page, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team

The Hatchwise Pricing Page 

Our Pricing Page is upfront and honest. We show you the available options and what comes with each package. We have different options for everyone based on what works best for your budget and each company’s individual needs. Check out our pricing page to get more information and start your own contest today. 

The Hatchwise Blog

You aren’t getting the most of your Hatchwise experience if you aren’t staying updated with the Hatchwise Blog! Here on the blog, we work to give you high-quality posts specifically tailored to what you want to see. From displaying the top work done on contests by our creatives to let you know about the World’s Most Famous Logos we keep the blog updated with interesting posts just like this one

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