What is Google Analytics and How Does It Help Your Business?

Are you looking to update your site and improve it? Not sure exactly how to do this? Well, Google Analytics could be the answer to your problem. Google Analytics, or GA as it’s abbreviated, helps businesses all over to look at their statistics and use user experience to make their company a better place.

Despite the power that GA offers to millions of companies, there are still many that don’t know what to do with the valuable analytics from their business.

If you’re wondering how you can use the information about your company that GA provides you with making your site a better place and delivering better products to customers, then you aren’t alone. We’ve collected a few of the top ways that you can use GA to improve your company.

Track Effective Campaigns

One of the most successful ways that a company reaches new customers is to run campaigns. However, if you have any experience with campaigns I’m sure you know the hassle and frustration with running a campaign that doesn’t go great. It can seem that you put in hours of effort and don’t see any results. GA helps companies by tracking which campaigns are the most effective and working to bring in customers. For example, let’s say that you’ve run an email campaign to bring in new customers; you’ll want to see which emails are helping to bring in customers to your site and which aren’t.

Once you’re aware of which are working and which aren’t, you can know what needs to be changed. This can make all the difference when it comes to your customer base.

Be Aware Of Your Competition

Your competition plays a crucial part when it comes to your company. Most times you’ll have to know as much about your competition as you do about your own company if you want to be successful. One of the most powerful ways to do this? You guessed it; Google Analytics.

Using GA you’ll be able to study your competition and see how their analytics compare to yours. You’ll be able to see how many visitors your competition is getting on their site and compare them with how many your site is acquiring. This will help you to know if your gaining enough visitors to beat your competition.

Know Where Customers Are Coming From

To understand what your marketing efforts should be directed towards and what’s working, you need to know what’s driving customers in. Your referral traffic is what helps to build a solid marketing strategy that works and helps your marketing team to truly know what they need to be investing in and what strategies are working.

Setting up Google Analytics will show you where customers are coming from, ultimately telling you what you need to be spending more time and money on. GA will tell you where your visitors are coming from and, even if you don’t have the funds to invest in it right now, it’s still valuable data to have.

Knowing What Content You Should Be Creating

Many companies depend greatly on content to help customers and keep them interested in their site. This involves informative blogs, sharing helpful business tips on social media platforms, and creating infographics with valuable information for customers. It’s a way of giving back to the customer and providing help after all they’ve given your company.

The question is, what is really helping your customers and what is merely getting pushed aside? Google Analytics helps you see this. They’ll show you what content is getting a lot of social shares and what customers are viewing. Then you can adjust your content based on the information you have.

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