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Winning entry by B.T.Klemensowski

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1. Keep the name outside the illustrated logo on embedded on the border, so it's distinguished. 2. You may break up "Natures" & "Notions" to keep things more compact, if necessary. 3. Have green or shades of green is essential. 4. Logo should appe

The design should have the following

I would like an illustration-like logo that has a fun look to it, but conveys nature well. I doubt that abstract will work, but cookie-cutter graphics will not work either. One must be inventive here.

This logo will be used for

This design should not have this in the entries

Children, young adults mostly, but some writings will be appreciated by adults too.

Colors to use in the design

1. This one is fun, has an open background, no embedded name, some green, colorful, and not square. http://www.elogocontest.com/entry_detail.php?contestid=316&entryid=19334 2. This one has an atypical shape, practical, fun, some shade of green, outdoorsy, and a offset name. http://www.elogocontest.com/entry_detail.php?contestid=316&entryid=18667 3. The trees, the green, the open background, simplicity. The name is offset too much for a logo though. (This image does not belong to me!) www.naturesnotions.com

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The Notions of Nature Through Writings