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Realty Sage

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We are NOT a real estate company, exactly. Imagine that we are like but with a huge emphasis on eco-friendliness of homes and connecting people to eco professionals. So typical real estate images and feel will not work here. Realty Sage enhances home listings with more and new types of data and comparison tools such as our own proprietary Sage Score (we’re really proud of this!). The Sage Score compares homes eco friendly features. Our sister site, which is connected through Realty SAge, and one of our main CTAs, is, which connects people to Professionals like real estate agents, based on the user’s unique home buying/selling or real estate needs, mostly eco-friendly interests. Your resource for everything eco friendly in real estate. Find Eco-friendly Professionals, Home listings, Products and more. We Make You the Sage in Real Estate: We give you more information so that you gain more knowledge and better results. See how we work

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Seeking to integrate new CTAs to the home page along with a cleaner, modern,simplistic and more cohesive home page. A basic mockup to include the new CTAs can be found here However, this page and design is just a mock-up. We are open to very creative ways to highlight the CTAs, create better organization and integrate eco-friendly-modern themed design. Criteria: The mission of the site needs to be easily understood a focus on eco friendly real estate and professionals. All 3 priority CTAs need to be viewable on the top fold. 1. home listings 2. RS Pros 3. explore eco Must have a home location search box Be also mobile friendly. Make design cohesive throughout. The main requirements are that blue colors are to be applied to RS Pros (seeking real estate professionals/agents) and green is to be applied to home listings. Otherwise we use white, black and grey frequently. Can change the redo design -- no need to stick to current home page design. Specifics on sections needs on home page: First section: Search for homes RS home listings (green), Work with experienced real estate agents, RS Pros (blue), 2. Second Section Eco Inspirations, products and home types-- Eco Room inspiration Eco home types Eco Product ideas 3. Featured Listings Market your home, get a sage score certificate 4. Partnerships Join RS Pros network Become a referral partner and share a referral link Other? Contact us 5. About us Sage Score Why we care about sustainability awards/ media 6. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media. How to make this more enticing and prominent?

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Eco-Friendly Real Estate, Home Page Redesign