CRUP -a Web Design Contest by flavorstack

Creative Brief

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Company or website name


Describe your company and organization and target audience

What the application should do: The customer fills out the dynamic form(s) and gets, as a result, a pdf document based on the form input to purchase and sign online. The product is a customisable loan agreement and or promissory note with seven independent add-on documents. The competition is intense, and this website must have an excellent UX and UI. The target audience is any who want to generate legal documents for a specific purpose

The design should have the following

Words to describe the feel of the website: Professional, plain/simple, trustworthy, clean and clear THE WEB APPLICATION PAGES ARE THE FOLLOWING: 9 LANDING PAGES – ALL WITH THE SAME UX 9 DYNAMIC FORM PAGES – FORMS ALL MADE OF VERY SIMILAR REACT COMPONENTS [ — a competitor and can be an inspiration for designing these forms only] more detailed guidelines are in the attached .ppt 4 LEGAL PAGES – PRIVACY, DISCLAIMER, TERMS, ABOUT FAQ PAGE BLOG PAGE OUR PRICES PAGE – UP TO 4 ACCESS RESTRICTIONS PAYMENT PAGE – PAYPAL AND CREDIT CARDS – COUPON OPTION ONLINE SIGNATURES PAGE – ADOBE OR DOCUSIGN API LOGIN AND SIGNUP – GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AND OUR OWN SIGN UP/LOGIN HOME PAGE DASHBOARD THAT SHOWS THE DOCUMENTS ALREADY FINALIZED AND IN PROGRESS MENU WHAT WE DO – LINK TO THE 9 DYNAMIC FORM PAGES BLOG FAQ SELECT COUNTRY – WE START WITH USA, UK, IRL, AUS, CAN, NZL Primary Brand Color: HEX: #28579A Secondary Brand Color: HEX: #e5b257 The logo style guide is attached. With regard to website setup, internal linking sculpture, and overall look you can refer For content you can use lorem ipsum

Briefly describe your contest

A design contest to design an online loan agreement document generator. We need to wrap this up in 24 hours.