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Company or website name

LATAM Management Recruitment

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a recruitment company located in Mexico, giving service to our international clients llooking for staff, manager, etc. for Mexico or in other countries of Latin America.

The design should have the following

The current design of the website is fine. We do NOT need new design suggestions for our existing website!!! What we need is an IT LANDING PAGE for candidates for our IT vacancies and for clients from the IT sector! The landing page will be shown on a subpage of our website, like on

We developed already an IT logo for this new LANDING PAGE which looks similar to our normal logo. You can find the logo file attached. This logo should be used for the LANDING PAGE.

The landing page should be attractive, dynamic and user-friendly (do not make user scroll too much). It can be can be the same for candidates and clients, candidates can register or apply fast and easy and see the clients/projects we have, and clients can see how fast and easy good candidates can apply, that we use targeted ads, and also see our clients portfolio. So it is important to include also our values, mission, and our why to chose us (clients) or why to apply with us (candidates). The Landing page design should be still familiar with our normal website, but feel free to use also different colors according to the Colour Psychology. Does not matter if the Landing Page looks a bit different then, the most important aspect is that programmer and clients do not leave our page immediately.

Landing page design and Bench-Marking:
Here are some examples of the level of interface/UX/UI/Graphic/Animation design IT recruitment companies, and IT companies have in their websites:, ,

Briefly describe your contest

IT Landing Page: design of a new Landing Page used for candidates and clients from the IT sector.